Citizenship of Austria

Term from 8 months

Austria is a post-industrial European country that ranks 8th in the world in quality of life. The state is a member of the UN and the EU, has a high GDP and a highly developed industry. Holders of Austrian passport – citizens of the European Union, cam live in any of the union states without time restrictions.

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Advantages of obtaining Austrian citizenship


Visa-free travel to popular countries around the world

Austrian citizens can live in any of the Schengen countries for an unlimited period, visit Japan, Australia, as well as all of Europe, North and South America without an entry permit.


Official employment in the EU country

The owner of an Austrian passport has the opportunity to apply for positions in any European Union country on equal terms (salary, social benefits, vacation, insurance) with native residents.


Access to the European education system

A foreigner with an Austrian passport has the right to study at any European universities (including counting on places paid by the state), as well as to enroll their child to school, kindergarten or university.


Receiving qualified medical care

Austrian evidence-based medicine is characterized by innovation and high quality of patient service, free services are available to all EU passport holders under a single insurance.

This program is suitable:


  • Those, who are planning a legal move to a European country


  • Businessmen who want to achieve international success


  • Persons who expect to receive a European standard diploma


  • Qualified employees who dream of a decent salary

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Why us?

Official activity

Cooperation with the company begins with the conclusion of a contract, which stipulates the services provided, the terms of their execution and a fixed price.

Extensive experience

Migration lawyers with extensive experience in the field of international law perfectly understand the intricacies of EU legislation and track current changes.

Guarantee of result

Thanks to the step-by-step support of international law specialists, clients can not worry about the success of the migration process and be confident in obtaining the desired status.

Personalized approach

There is no single solution for every applicant: migration specialists select individual passport registration programs for EU countries for clients.

Where to start


Consultation with a specialist

During the first conversation, the parties discuss the chosen immigration program and the cost of services, draw up and sign a cooperation agreement.


Preparation of the dossier

The migration lawyer requests the necessary documents from the applicant, if there is a lack of evidence, he requests them in state archives, organizes translation and apostille.


Filing a petition

The international law specialist organizes a meeting for the client in the migration body of the EU country on a day and time convenient for the applicant, and accompanies him for a successful application for citizenship.


Registration of documents

After the petition is approved, the applicant, together with the assigned lawyer, picks up the document confirming citizenship, based on it, applies for an EU country passport and internal documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license

Certificate of Citizenship


How long does the process of obtaining Austrian citizenship take and what stages does it include?

Standard naturalization in the state takes from 10 years, however, with the support of migration lawyers, the applicant can obtain an EU country passport and the rights of an Austrian citizen within 8 months from the date of application to the company.

May I keep my current citizenship if I get Austrian passport?

Austrian law does not allow citizens to have a passport of another country. However, migration lawyers will recommend EU citizenship registration programs with the preservation of the status in the applicant’s home country and the right to immigrate to Austria.

Are there any special conditions or exceptions for refugees when obtaining citizenship?

Recognized refugees and applicants for international asylum have the opportunity to quickly naturalize in EU countries, but face many restrictions, such as restrictions on employment, visiting their home country, and more.

What language requirements exist when obtaining Austrian citizenship?

Among the conditions for granting Austrian citizenship is knowledge of the German language at level B1. At the same time, there are options for obtaining an EU passport with subsequent immigration to Austrian territory without the need to take a language exam. International law specialists help clients prepare for communication with government bodies in a foreign language, for which the applicant needs to learn only a few basic phrases and answers to standard questions.

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Stories from our clients

I recently received Slovenian citizenship, the whole procedure was accompanied by the company's lawyers, which makes me very happy, because I had avoided a lot of trouble.


Citizenship Reviews

The resident card was processed within the timeframe promised by the lawyers, there were no unforeseen problems or delays during its preparation.


Reviews of permanent residence

The process of obtaining citizenship went quickly and smoothly, without unforeseen problems. Definitively, the specialists did an excellent job.


Citizenship Reviews


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with a European Union passport!

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Submit the application form and we will call you back!