Citizenship of Belgium

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Belgium is a multinational state in Western Europe, a member of NATO, the EU, the EEA, the WTO, the IMF, the Schengen zone. The highly developed post-industrial kingdom attracts foreigners with decent salaries, prospects for personal and commercial growth, access to modern medicine and high-demand education.

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Advantages of obtaining Belgian citizenship


Access to 176 world states without a visa

The holder of a Belgian passport can freely travel to North and South America, Australia, and stay in the Schengen zone countries without restrictions on the length of stay.


Receiving all civil rights and privileges

The owner of a Belgian passport enjoys the protection of the state on its territory and abroad, can count on financial, medical, legal, psychological support, help with integration into society and more.


The right to choose a place of residence in any part of the European Union

With a Belgian passport, a foreigners can immigrate for permanent residence to the EU country of their choice and live there on equal terms (the right to employment, education, business) with native citizens.


The prospect of immigration to Europe together with family members

A citizen of Belgium has the right to invite his/her spouse, minor children, other dependent relatives to live with him/her, as well as arrange for them residency with the possibility of subsequent naturalization.

This program is suitable:

Potential immigrants

  • Persons who want to move for permanent residence in an EU country

Future students

  • Applicants who strive to obtain a European diploma

Qualified employees

  • Workers who expect to receive a decent wage

Successful businessmen

  • Entrepreneurs who plan to actively develop their own business

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Before starting work, the parties sign a contract, which details the obligations of the company, the deadlines for completing the tasks set and the fixed cost of services.

Successful many years of experience

The company employs professionals in the field of jurisprudence, who thoroughly understand the peculiarities of international legislation and guarantee the success of each case.

Individual solution of tasks

Migration specialists study the request of each client, analyze his wishes and pedigree, after which they offer the most optimal option for obtaining citizenship.

Provision of turnkey service

The assigned lawyer provides the client with full support, from independent formation of the dossier to recording and preparation for visiting the authorized migration body.

Where to start


First conversation

At a free consultation, a migration lawyer studies the applicant’s request, conducts a thorough analysis and recommends the best immigration programs to choose from, telling about the pros and cons of each of them.


Collection and preparation of documents

The applicant provides the assigned specialist with a passport, civil status certificates and a certificate of no criminal record, and the lawyer requests the remaining missing documents independently in the archives.


Application for citizenship

After careful preparation, the client, together with the accompanying specialist, visits the migration body on a convenient day by appointment, where he submits a petition for citizenship and the formed dossier.


Registration of documents

After the request is approved, the applicant receives a document on entry into citizenship, on the basis of which, together with the assigned specialist, he/she arranges a passport and an EU country ID card.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


How long does the process of obtaining Belgian citizenship take and what stages does this process include?

The process of naturalization in Belgium by the standard procedure involves at least 5 years of legal residence in the country with mandatory knowledge of the national language. International law specialists can recommend to clients faster and simpler options for obtaining EU citizenship with the right to permanent residence in the kingdom.

What costs are associated with the process of obtaining citizenship?

The applicant needs to pay state fees for applying for citizenship, services of a notary and translator for processing documents, in case of naturalization - fees for opening a national visa and resident status, as well as assistance from accompanying migration specialists.

May I keep my current citizenship if I get a Belgian passport?

Belgian law does not prohibit local citizens from having a second passport abroad. When formalizing a legal status, the applicant should make sure that having multiple citizenship does not contradict the constitution of his native state.

Are there any special conditions or exceptions for refugees and asylum seekers when obtaining citizenship?

Recognized refugees can count on accelerated naturalization in European Union countries, but this path to citizenship is fraught with many difficulties. Asylum seekers are obliged to refuse to visit their native state and use the first passport, they are limited in movement around the country and the right to employment at the time of considering the request.

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Stories from our clients

I was a little worried whether I would receive my permanent residence card on time, but in reality, there was nothing to be afraid of. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be any mistakes and that all requirements are met.


Reviews of permanent residence

I knew little about the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, only in general terms. Therefore, the fact that the procedure was accompanied by lawyers helped a lot to obtain a resident card.


Reviews of permanent residence

My experience of cooperation with Immigrantinlaw is positive. Lawyers even restored a document that had long been lost and was absolutely necessary. The process of obtaining citizenship is at the finish line.


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new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

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