Citizenship of Czech Republic

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The Czech Republic is an industrial state with a stable and successful economic system. A foreigner can obtain Czech citizenship through the procedure of general or accelerated naturalization. Also, immigrants have the right to move to the Czech Republic for permanent residence with a passport of any EU country, issued under a simplified procedure.

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Benefits of obtaining Czech citizenship


Visa-free travel to 174 countries

The holder of a Czech passport can visit without a visa (or with a simple electronic entry permit) all countries of Europe, North and South America (except Guyana), Australia, New Zealand.


Profitable business conduct

A citizen of the Czech Republic can register a business in the country and develop it on the Single European market with simplified logistics and customs norms, as well as pay low taxes, for example, a 19% contribution to profit.


Access to the European healthcare system

With a Czech passport, a foreigner can receive quality and modern medical services, including in other European Union countries, based on insurance issued on the same terms as local citizens.


Social protection and guaranteed state support

The Czech Republic is a democratic country where every citizen can count on benefits and allowances due to their status, participate in grant and scholarship programs, receive protection inside the state and abroad.

This program is suitable:


  • Entrepreneurs wishing to successfully develop their own business


  • Persons who want to move to an EU country for permanent residence


  • Tourists who plan to travel around the world without a visa


  • Applicants for free of charge and high-demand European education

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Before starting work, the parties sign a contract, which details the obligations of the company, the terms of execution of the tasks set, and the cost of services.

Result guarantee

International law specialists have extensive experience in migration jurisprudence and regularly track changes in EU legislation, guaranteeing the success of the procedure.

Low cost of services

Thanks to a thorough knowledge of foreign laws, our employees offer clients the most affordable, fast, and profitable programs for obtaining a second passport.

Personalized approach

There is no unified approach: the assigned specialist individually analyzes the request and pedigree of the applicant, and then offers suitable ways to obtain EU citizenship.

Where to start


Consultation appointment

During a free telephone, offline, or online conversation, professionals in the field of jurisprudence study the wishes and situation of the applicant, and draw up a detailed plan of subsequent actions.


Document preparation

The assigned specialist independently forms the necessary dossier and requests missing files in the archives. The client only needs to provide a passport and birth certificate.


Visit to the migration service

The applicant on the registered date for filing a request, accompanied by a lawyer, visits the authorized state body and submits a package of documents for citizenship.


Receiving a European Union passport

After considering the petition, the applicant picks up a certificate of entry into citizenship and on its basis arranges a national identity card and EU passport.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


Can I keep my current citizenship if I get a Czech passport?

Czech law allows foreigners to keep their first passport abroad when applying for a similar document in the country. The applicant needs to make sure that having a second citizenship abroad does not contradict the requirements of the constitution of his home country.

Does it matter which EU country I choose to obtain citizenship?

Citizens of the European Union can live in any of the member states without restrictions on the duration of stay, and have the same rights as the indigenous inhabitants of the chosen country. A foreigner can get a passport of another EU state and move to the Czech Republic for permanent residence without additional conditions.

Can my children automatically get the same citizenship?

A minor child can be included in the parental application for obtaining European Union citizenship. Children over 18 have the opportunity to arrange EU residency through family reunification after their mother or father get a second passport.

What rights and privileges are granted to Czech citizens after obtaining citizenship?

A citizen of the Czech Republic has the opportunity to get a job, open and run a business, receive education, be serviced in banking and medical institutions throughout the European Union. Also, the holder of an EU passport can immigrate to Europe with family members, arranging a residence permit for them.

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Thanks to the help of professionals, I was quickly able to become a resident of one European country, where I already live with permanent residence. I was pleased with the work of the specialists and the result.


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I thought that I could get permanent residence on my own, but I quickly stacked and realized that I needed the help of specialists. Everything went perfectly with them, without delays.


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Thanks to help of this company, I was able to get Romanian citizenship quite quickly. Lawyers helped me with the documents and in just a year I received a positive response to my request.


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