Citizenship of Estonia

Term from 8 months

With Estonian citizenship, you can live in one of the most technologically advanced countries in the European Union with a high level of social support. The government of the country creates comfortable conditions for doing business, if necessary, provides residents with financial assistance in the form of payments and benefits.

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Benefits of obtaining Estonian citizenship


Visa-free travel

For short-term trips to more than 160 countries of the world (for example, EU and Schengen countries, Turkey, Great Britain), owners of Estonian passports do not need an entry permit.


Free education

Estonian citizens can study for free at local universities, provided that they have enrolled in the daytime form, and also undergo an educational program in the state language of the country.


Insurance medicine

Owners of an Estonian passport have the right to be served by a valid insurance policy not only in the clinics of the state, but also in hospitals located in other EU countries.


Optimal taxes

Estonian citizens, as well as local businessmen, pay income tax at a fixed rate of 20%, which is one of the lowest among all European Union countries.

This program is suitable:


  • Foreigners who want to travel without a visa to more than 160 countries of the world.


  • Businessmen planning to scale their activities in the European Union.


  • Specialists Applicants who want to find a job in Estonia or other EU countries.


  • Foreigners planning to move to a progressive state.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The client is guaranteed compliance with all agreements stipulated in the contract that he signs with the company.

Qualified specialists

Lawyers have been providing migration services for many years, so they successfully fulfill their obligations.

Achieving the result

Thanks to their knowledge and work experience, the company’s specialists guarantee the client’s receipt of Estonian citizenship.

Individual approach

Lawyers carefully study the data of each client and offer the optimal option for obtaining citizenship.

Where to start



At the first meeting, the specialist answers the client’s questions, studies the documents provided by him/her and offers a strategy for obtaining Estonian citizenship.


Preparation of the dossier

An international law lawyer forms a package of documents, based on current requirements and norms of Estonian migration legislation.


Application submission

Together with the company’s migration specialist, the applicant applies to the Estonian state body to provide a package of documents for citizenship.


Completion of the process

After approval of the petition for Estonian citizenship, the applicant applies to the state authorities to issue an ID card and a European Union passport.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


How long is required to live in Estonia before applying for citizenship?

A foreigner needs to legally reside in the country with a residence permit for at least 8 years (5 of which are on a permanent basis).

Is it necessary to take exams to obtain Estonian citizenship?

Yes, an applicant for a local passport needs to pass a test on the knowledge of the state language at a sufficient level, the law “On Citizenship” and the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia. An immigrant who has received basic secondary or higher education in the country is exempt from the language exam.

Can I keep my first citizenship when applying Estonian?

No, according to current legislative requirements of the country, an immigrant must renounce the identity card obtained at home.

What documents need to be provided for Estonian citizenship?

A foreigner should prepare a foreign passport, one digital photo, a receipt for payment of the mandatory state fee, evidence of refusal from the first citizenship, test results, confirmation of the presence of legal income.

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Stories from our clients

The process of obtaining citizenship went quickly and smoothly, without unforeseen problems. Definitively, the specialists did an excellent job.


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I was able to immigrate to the Czech Republic, which I am incredibly happy about. I received a residence permit thanks to opening a business, everything turned out to be easier than I expected.


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The passport of Bulgaria was not so difficult to obtain. Everything went smoothly thanks to the help of lawyers.


Citizenship Reviews


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

Submit the application form and we will call you back!


Submit the application form and we will call you back!