EU citizenship

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The European Union is an economic, political, and trade association of 27 countries, between which customs control is simplified and common legislation applies. The passport holder of each EU state is considered a citizen of the European Union with the right to reside in any country of the union and access to official employment, prestigious education, profitable business, and quality medicine.

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Advantages of obtaining EU citizenship


Visa-free travel to 160+ countries worldwide

Citizens of the European Union can move around the Schengen area without restrictions on the length of stay in each state, visit Canada, Japan, Australia, South American countries under a visa-free regime.


Official employment in any EU country

With a European Union passport, a foreigner has the right to respond to vacancies in each of the union states, without issuing a separate work permit, and can count on equal working conditions with local citizens.


Doing business in the Single European Market

The largest trading organization operates in the European Union with simplified logistics and taxes, which allows immigrants to successfully develop their own business at the international level with minimal costs.


Social protection and guarantees

An EU passport gives a foreigner the right to assistance from the respective state on its territory and abroad, including programs for integration into society, economic support, payment of benefits, and approval of grants.

This program is suitable:


  • Those who dream of moving to Europe and gaining the rights of the indigenous population


  • Everyone who plans to visit world countries without a visa


  • With the prospect of developing an existing business or opening a new one


  • If you want to give your children a prestigious European education

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The company’s specialists conclude a contract with the applicant, in which the terms and conditions of the service are detailed.

Extensive experience

The company employs immigration lawyers who have conducted many successful processes and thoroughly understand the specifics of EU legislation.

Process efficiency

A dedicated specialist accompanies the client at every stage of the procedure for successful citizenship registration in a short time.

Individual approach

Immigration lawyers personally study the request of each client and recommend optimal programs for obtaining a European Union passport.

Where to start


Getting a consultation

At the first meeting, an international law specialist analyzes the client’s request and documents, after which he recommends the optimal program for obtaining a second passport.


Formation of the dossier

The applicant provides the assigned specialist with a passport and civil status certificates, other documents lawyers request from the archives if necessary.


Application for citizenship

The assigned immigration specialist prepares the applicant for visiting state immigration authorities and assists in the successful submission of the dossier.


Issuance of an EU passport

After the petition is approved, the foreigner visits the immigration authority, picks up the certificate of citizenship, and with the support of lawyers, issues a passport of the European Union country.


May I keep my current citizenship if I get an EU passport?

The possibility of retaining the first passport when issuing a similar document in the European Union depends on the legislation of a particular country. Most EU countries (for example, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria) do not require foreigners to renounce the first citizenship when registering local status.

How long does the process of obtaining EU citizenship take and what stages does this procedure include?

With the support of international law specialists, the applicant can obtain a second passport of a European Union country within 8 months. The foreigner provides basic documents, visits the immigration service to submit a petition, after which he picks up the certificate of citizenship and issues a passport as well as other European-style documents.

Are there any special conditions or exceptions for refugees when obtaining citizenship?

In a number of European Union countries, refugees and asylum seekers have the right to apply for citizenship in an accelerated naturalization procedure. However, the procedure is fraught with many difficulties: for example, applicants do not have the right to use the first passport and visit their home country, are limited in employment during the consideration of the case.

What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for citizenship?

To obtain citizenship of an EU country, the applicant provides a passport, birth certificate, certificate of no criminal record, if applicable - other components of the dossier. Additionally, immigration lawyers request from the archives documents confirming the basis for granting citizenship.

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Immigrantinlaw is definitely a company you can trust. With it I went all the way to EU citizenship, the lawyers never made mistakes. I am very grateful to them for their help.


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Of course, it was not in vain that I applied for permanent residence in Bulgaria, now it will be possible to obtain citizenship. As I still want to live here, waiting a few years is not a problem.


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I knew little about the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, only in general terms. Therefore, the fact that the procedure was accompanied by lawyers helped a lot to obtain a resident card.


Reviews of permanent residence


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