Citizenship of France

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With French citizenship, an applicant can legally reside in a European Union state with a high standard of living and a developed economy. Local passport holders receive decent wages, can run a profitable business, and also increase their income through investment projects.

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Benefits of French citizenship


Visa freedom

French citizens do not need to obtain permission to enter more than 160 countries in the world, for example, EU and Schengen countries, China, Qatar, Japan, Mexico, UAE.


Second citizenship

French authorities allow their citizens to have multiple passports, so applicants can keep their first ID when naturalized.


Employment in the EU

French citizens can officially work in the country and in other EU countries without obtaining additional permits.


Social protection

French passport holders have the right to claim financial assistance from the government, such as pensions, unemployment benefits.

This program is suitable:

Labor migrants

  • Specialists who want to earn at least 2,100 EUR per month


  • Applicants planning to visit more than 160 countries in the world


  • Businessmen for the development of a company in the Single European Market


  • Wealthy individuals planning to increase their capital

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Why us?

Cooperation by contract

The company’s migration specialists guarantee the fulfillment of all obligations according to the contract signed with the client.

Impressive work experience

Lawyers provide services in the field of international law for many years, conduct the process taking into account all the nuances of EU legislation.

Result guarantee

The company’s specialists apply all their experience and knowledge for the successful registration of French citizenship by the client.

Personal approach

Lawyers develop an individual strategy for obtaining French citizenship for each client.

Where to start


Discussion of details

The specialist answers all the client’s questions, studies his documents, and suggests a basis for requesting French citizenship.


Dossier formation

An international law lawyer prepares a package of applicant documents according to the current requirements of French legislation.


Application submission

The client, accompanied by a migration lawyer, visits a French state body and submits the originals of the documents to an authorized employee.


Obtaining citizenship

After the application is approved, the applicant issues an ID card, a biometric passport, and other EU sample documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


What are the conditions for obtaining French citizenship?

Applicants need to fulfill the residency requirement in the country, prove the absence of a criminal record, and knowledge of the French language, history, and culture.

What language requirements exist for obtaining French citizenship?

Immigrants should provide a certificate of knowledge of the French language at a level not lower than B1 according to CEFR. At the same time, there are immigration programs in France that do not require knowledge of a foreign language.

How long is needed to live in France before applying for citizenship?

Applicants need to legally reside in the country with a residence permit for a minimum of 5 years. Some applicants, for example, graduates of local universities, can reduce the aforementioned period to 2 years. There is no need to meet the residency requirement for certain categories of people - refugees, immigrants who have served in the French army, foreigners with special merits to the state.

What documents need to be prepared to apply for French citizenship?

The basic dossier consists of a foreign passport, a residence permit card, confirmation of marital status, a certificate of knowledge of the French language, proof of housing in the country, a receipt for payment of the mandatory fee.

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Stories from our clients

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Italy went well, there were no difficulties, which made me very happy. Everything worked out in the best possible way.


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I was advised this company by relatives. As a result, I was able to get a Romanian passport for repatriation, although I was not sure that this method would work in general in my case.


Citizenship Reviews

I collaborated with the company for the first time, but definitely not the last. The lawyers handled their work responsibly, and in the end, I was able to easily obtain a residence permit for employment.


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with a European Union passport!

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Submit the application form and we will call you back!