Citizenship of Germany

Term from 8 months

Germany is an economically and socially developed country, that ranks 12th in the world quality of life ranking, a world leader in a number of industrial and technological sectors and has one of the highest GDP per capita. The Federal Republic of Germany is a member of the European Union, so holders of a local passport automatically become EU citizens.

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Advantages of obtaining German citizenship


Visa-free travel to more than 160 countries

With a German passport, a foreigner can visit any of the Schengen area countries without restrictions on the duration of stay, as well as travel throughout North and South America, Australia, Japan without an entry permit


Access to well-paid jobs

As of 2023, the average monthly salary in Germany after tax deductions is 3000 EUR. A German citizen also has the opportunity to work in other European Union countries without restrictions


Prospect of business development

The owner of a German passport has the right to register enterprises and develop them in the Single European Market, cooperate with local and foreign companies in a simplified mode, count on grants and participation in government tenders


Social protection and guarantees

An EU passport gives a foreigner the right to assistance from the respective state on its territory and abroad, including programs for integration into society, economic support, payment of benefits, and approval of grants

This program is suitable:


  • Fathers and mothers who care about the future of their children


  • Persons who dream of moving to a developed EU country


  • Tourists who want to visit world countries without a visa


  • Employees who are interested in high wages

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Why us?

Transparent cooperation conditions

The company’s specialists conclude an official contract with the applicant, which specifies the cost of services and the terms of their execution

International level experience

The company is represented by qualified lawyers who have conducted many successful processes and thoroughly understand the specifics of German and EU legislation

Achievement of the desired result

The assigned specialist accompanies the client step by step at each stage - from forming a dossier to entering citizenship and registering a German passport

Individual solutions to requests

Immigration lawyers personally study the request of each client and recommend optimal programs for obtaining a European Union passport

Where to start


Visiting lawyers

At the first meeting, the parties discuss the desired result and choose a suitable program for obtaining a second passport, after which they conclude a contract.


Preparation of a dossier

The assigned specialist accepts from the client the available documents, and the missing ones from them are independently requested in the state archives and relevant instances.


Application for citizenship

Immigration lawyers organize the client’s visit to the citizenship affairs body, prepare the applicant for communication with civil servants, and assist in the successful submission of the dossier.


Obtaining EU documents

After approving the petition, the applicant personally receives a certificate of citizenship, on the basis of which a foreigner, together with a lawyer, registers an EU passport and internal documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license

Certificate of Citizenship


What are the language requirements for German citizenship?

Naturalized foreigners in Germany must know the state language at a level not lower than B1, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificate when applying for citizenship. You can get an EU country passport without knowing the language through the repatriation procedure with the help of immigration lawyers.

What are the residency requirements for obtaining German citizenship?

As of 2023, the naturalization process in Germany takes immigrants from 8 years from the date of registration of the initial residence permit. The law on reducing the census of sedentary life to 5 years is under consideration. However, international law specialists can recommend a program for obtaining an EU country passport with the right to reside in Germany in a simplified manner for 8 months.

May I keep my current citizenship if I get a German passport?

German law requires foreigners to renounce their previous citizenship when registering a similar status in the state. At the same time, applicants have a simple way to obtain an EU passport with the right to retain their previous citizenship and immigrate to Germany.

How long does the process of obtaining German citizenship take and what stages does this process include?

Standard naturalization in Germany takes from 8 years, includes the registration of a temporary resident card, extension of the document and its replacement with a permanent residence, after - observance of the census of sedentary life and request for civil status. However, immigration lawyers offer clients a faster and simpler option to obtain a passport of an EU country through repatriation.

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Stories from our clients

I received a residence permit for employment. I immediately decided to contact the lawyers, they helped me a lot. I think that we'll be collaborating again.


Reviews about residence permit

I expected that the registration of citizenship would be a difficult process, but everything turned out to be relatively simple. In many respects, of course, thanks to lawyers.


Citizenship Reviews

I knew little about the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, only in general terms. Therefore, the fact that the procedure was accompanied by lawyers helped a lot to obtain a resident card.


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