Citizenship of Greece

Term from 8 months

Greece is an industrial-agrarian European country with noticeable economic growth, a member of the European Union, NATO, UN, OSCE, Council of Europe. The state is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and immigrants, with a rich cultural heritage, centuries-old history, and a favorable geographical location on the Mediterranean coast.

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Benefits of obtaining Greek citizenship


Visa-free travel to 160+ countries of the world

A Greek citizen has the opportunity to visit the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, any European countries (including the UK) without an entry permit.


Unrestricted residence in the European Union

The passport holder of any EU state has the right to choose the country of the union they like as a place of permanent residence and stay there as long as they deem necessary.


Prospect of getting a well-paid job

A Greek citizen can get a job in developed private and state companies throughout the territory of the European Union, count on a decent salary and social guarantees.


Moving to Europe with family members

Greek immigration law allows local passport holders to invite their spouse, minor children to live with them, and arrange for them the status of a resident.

This program is suitable:


  • Those who dream of giving their child an education in a European university


  • Tourists who want to visit popular countries of the world without a visa


  • Businessmen who want to successfully develop a company in Europe


  • Foreigners who plan to move to an EU country for permanent residence

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Why us?

Conclusion of an official contract

Cooperation with the company begins with the signing of a contract, which details the service provided, its price and terms of execution are fixed.

Many years of international experience

The company’s team consists exclusively of professionals in the field of jurisprudence, who thoroughly understand the intricacies of European legislation.

Successful result of cooperation

Company representatives strictly fulfill the obligations listed in the contract and provide full support for the guaranteed receipt of the requested status.

Personalized help

Migration specialists do not limit themselves to standard solutions, but analyze the client’s individual request in detail and recommend the best programs for obtaining an EU country passport.

Where to start


Legal consultation

At the first appeal, the client tells his wishes, and the specialist of international law analyzes the situation and offers optimal ways to obtain citizenship.


Document preparation

The assigned lawyer forms the necessary dossier, having received only basic documents from the applicant (passport, civil status certificates), and the rest is requested by himself in state institutions.


Application for citizenship

The specialist of international law registers the applicant for an appointment and accompanies him to the migration body to petition for citizenship.


Receiving a European Union passport

Based on the document on entry into citizenship, issued after the approval of the petition, the applicant together with the assigned lawyer arranges the internal and foreign passports of the EU country.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


Can I keep my current citizenship if I get Greek citizenship?

The Greek Constitution does not provide for a ban on multiple citizenship. A foreigner can have two passports if this is not prohibited by the legislation of his native state. Migration specialists inform clients about legal ways to enter a second EU citizenship.

How long does the process of obtaining citizenship take and what stages does this process include?

The process of naturalization in Greece takes from 7 years, and also requires the applicant to pre-live in the state for the specified period with a local residence permit. Professionals in the field of jurisprudence recommend the applicant a faster and simpler way of obtaining an EU country passport within 8 months, which does not require compliance with the census of sedentary.

What documents and evidence must be provided when applying for citizenship?

Naturalized persons in Greece collect a dossier from a passport, civil status certificates, income certificates, non-conviction, residence permit, check for payment of an administrative fee. Persons who arrange an EU country passport under a simplified program with the support of migration lawyers provide an identity card and proof of ethnic or territorial affiliation.

How can you get the rights of a Greek citizen most easily?

Residents of the former USSR countries have the opportunity to quickly and easily arrange an EU passport in Romania, Poland, Slovenia, or Bulgaria without observing the census of sedentary and financial security requirements. An EU citizen has the right to immigrate to Greece for permanent residence with access to the labor market, education, business, as well as receiving social benefits and other civil privileges.

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Stories from our clients

I was advised this company by relatives. As a result, I was able to get a Romanian passport for repatriation, although I was not sure that this method would work in general in my case.


Citizenship Reviews

I applied for permanent residence with legal support, the specialists turned out to be very attentive, they advised me on all issues in a very detailed and understandable manner.


Reviews of permanent residence

There were no problems with obtaining a residence permit. I only asked for a consultation, and then ordered full support and was able to quickly move to Germany.


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new opportunities
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