Citizenship of Hungary

Term from 8 months

Hungary is a European industrial country with a steadily developing economy and impressive historical heritage, a member of NATO, the UN, and the EU. Holders of a local passport are also citizens of the European Union, so they have the right to live indefinitely, officially work, study for free, register and conduct business in any of the union countries.

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Advantages of obtaining Hungarian citizenship


Visa-free travel almost all over the world

Hungarian citizens can visit all countries of Europe, North and South America (except Guyana), as well as Australia, South Korea, Japan without an entry permit. In the Schengen area countries, Hungarians can stay without time limits.


Reduction of tax burden

Duty deductions in Hungary are one of the lowest in Europe. Local passport holders can register a business in the country and pay only 10% profit tax, developing a company on the Single European Market.


Access to European education

The owner of a Hungarian passport can claim education (including at public expense, with a scholarship) in the best universities of the European Union. The immigrant’s children also have the right to study for free at a public school or university.


Work in any EU country

A Hungarian citizen has the right to respond to a vacancy and get a job in any EU country they like. Discrimination is prohibited in the European Union: a foreigner with an EU state passport receives the same guarantees (salary, social benefits) as local employees.

This program is suitable:


  • Businessmen who want to profitably multiply their capital


  • Those who want to change their place of residence to an EU country


  • Persons who are attracted by trips around the world without visa restrictions


  • Families who care about education and future of their children

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Why us?

Official contract

The specialist concludes an agreement with the client, which stipulates the obligations of the company, the cost of services and the terms of their execution.

Dedicated experts

The company employs certified migration lawyers with many years of experience who regularly update their knowledge of EU legislation.

Turnkey services

Lawyers perform a full range of tasks, from dossier formation to preparation and accompanying the client to Hungarian immigration authorities.

Personalized help

Migration specialists carefully analyze the applicant’s request and select optimal ways to obtain a Hungarian passport.

Where to start


Contacting the company

At the first consultation, the specialist clarifies the applicant’s wishes and conducts an analysis of the pedigree, after which he offers the best program for entering EU citizenship.


Formation of a dossier

To participate in the program, a foreigner needs to submit a package of documents to the immigration service, which is collected by an assigned lawyer, requires necessary certificates from archives.


Submission of request

On the appointed day, the applicant, together with an accompanying person and a package of documents, visits the Hungarian immigration authority, where he applies for citizenship.


Receiving documents

After approval of the application, the applicant picks up a certificate of citizenship, with which he issues a Hungarian passport and other European-style documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license

Certificate of Citizenship


What are the requirements for living in the country for obtaining Hungarian citizenship?

Participants in the repatriation program have the opportunity to obtain Hungarian citizenship without prior residence in the country. The standard path of naturalization in Hungary takes foreigners from 8 years from receiving the first residence permit.

How long does it take to obtain Hungarian citizenship and what stages does this process include?

The absence of a residence census and support from experienced lawyers allow applicants to issue a second passport in an EU country within 8 months. The applicant contacts international law specialists, provides a basic dossier, visits an immigration service, after receiving a positive response to the request - comes for a certificate of entry into citizenship.

What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for citizenship?

The repatriate needs to documentarily confirm that in his family up to the fourth generation there were or are native Hungarians. This can be done using civil status certificates of a relative in which nationality is indicated. Also, a foreigner needs to speak Hungarian at a conversational level.

Can I keep my current citizenship if I get Hungarian citizenship?

Hungarian legislation allows foreigners to keep their first passport issued abroad when issuing a similar document on state territory. The applicant should make sure that second (or multiple) citizenship does not contradict his home country’s constitution.

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Stories from our clients

There were no problems with obtaining a passport. Thanks to the help of experts, everything went perfectly. I don't think it would have been possible without the right support.


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