Italian citizenship

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Italy is a Mediterranean country with a rich history and culture. As a member of NATO and the European Union, the country attracts immigrants with its substantial budget, developed light and heavy industry sectors, promising tourism and entertainment sector, and a mild and pleasant climate.

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Benefits of obtaining Italian citizenship


Free entry to more than 160 countries worldwide

The Italian passport is the 2nd strongest in the world, allowing its holder to visit all countries in Europe, North and South America, Australia, and most of Asia (including China and Japan) without a visa.


The right to official employment and business conduction

An Italian citizen can freely apply for vacancies in private and state companies, develop their own enterprise, or own shares in existing organizations.


The prospect of immigrating to Europe with family members

The holder of an Italian passport has the opportunity to move to a preferred European Union country for permanent residence along with their spouse and children under 18 years old.


Access to a full package of social services

Italian citizens, regardless of origin, have the right to apply for various types of state support: assistance with social integration, receiving financial benefits, participation in grant programs.

This program is suitable:


  • Applicants for education who want to receive a European-style diploma.

Married couples

  • Spouses planning to move together to a developed European Union country.


  • Businessmen who want to achieve success in their business at an international level.


  • Tourists who plan to travel the entire planet without visa restrictions.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Our lawyers enter into a bilateral agreement with the applicant, which guarantees timely fulfillment of obligations by specialists and full confidentiality for the client.

Significant experience

The company’s employees are professionals in the field of jurisprudence, who understand the nuances of European legislation and have many successful cases in their arsenal.

Guarantee of achieving the result

Migration specialists accompany clients at every stage of obtaining second citizenship, which helps to avoid refusal to receive the requested status.

Personal approach

International law lawyers offer the client a choice of optimal programs for obtaining a European Union passport, based on their requests and life situation.

Where to start



The migration specialist studies the applicant’s request, analyzes his prospects for obtaining EU citizenship, and draws up a personal plan for subsequent actions.


Preparation of the dossier

The applicant provides the assigned lawyer with a basic package of documents, and the rest of the certificates and testimonies the company’s specialist requests from the state bodies independently.


Submission of the request

The company’s representative registers the client for an appointment in the authorized service, prepares and accompanies for a quick and successful application for citizenship.


Receiving documents

After receiving a positive response from the state bodies, the citizen of Italy, together with the assigned specialist, formalizes the necessary documents - an ID card and a foreign passport of the EU standard.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport


Is there a possibility to keep my current citizenship if I get an Italian passport?

Italian law does not prohibit local citizens from having a similar legal status in other countries. An applicant for a European Union passport must ensure that retaining the current identity does not contradict the constitutional requirements of his home country.

What are the costs associated with the process of obtaining citizenship, including fees and taxes?

To obtain a European Union passport by naturalization, the applicant pays numerous state duties for opening a residence permit, obtaining permanent resident status, filing a petition for citizenship. International law specialists recommend foreigners more affordable and profitable ways of immigration, with a one-time payment of an administrative fee and assistance services.

What rights and privileges are granted to Italian citizens after obtaining citizenship?

Italy is a member of the European Union, so local citizens have the opportunity to live permanently in any of the EU countries with open access to the local labor market, education, registration and conduct of commercial activities, real estate purchase, social services. Also, with an Italian passport, a foreigner can travel the world without a visa and stay in the Schengen area for an unlimited period.

What should I do if I do not have the necessary documents to obtain Italian citizenship?

To obtain a passport of an EU country with the support of international law specialists, the applicant needs to provide an identity card and civil status certificates. Migration lawyers independently conduct archival work and collect the missing documents for filing a petition.

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Stories from our clients

I shouldn’t have worried that I would be denied in a residence permit. The main thing is to do everything correctly with the documents. To be on the safe side, I applied for a residence permit with legal support.


Reviews about residence permit

I was ready that obtaining permanent residence will require a lot of effort and time. It's actually not that scary, and the results are worth it.


Reviews of permanent residence

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Italy went well, there were no difficulties, which made me very happy. Everything worked out in the best possible way.


Reviews about residence permit


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

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