Citizenship of Latvia

Term from 8 months

Latvia is an economically developed country in Northern Europe, a member of the UN, EU, Schengen zone, and NATO. Many foreigners prefer to move to this Baltic state due to the low cost of real estate and food, optimal tax rates, good ecology, and modern medicine.

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Benefits of obtaining Latvian citizenship


Free movement to more than 160 countries around the world

The owner of a Latvian passport has the right to visit all European, North and South American countries (except Guyana), as well as Australia without a visa or with a simple electronic entry permit.


Access to the European labor market

A Latvian citizen can get a job in any EU country on equal terms (salary level, social package, work schedule) with local passport holders.


Moving to Europe with close relatives

A Latvian citizen has the right to invite family members to live together and immigrate with them to the preferred EU country for permanent residence without additional conditions.


Receiving all civil rights

With a Latvian passport, a foreigner has the right to count on the protection and support of the state on its territory or abroad, including assistance with integration into society and the payment of benefits provided by status.

This program is suitable:


  • People who want to live in a developed European country permanently.


  • Businessmen planning to pay low taxes by EU standards.


  • Pupils who expect to receive a diploma in demand in the world.


  • Travelers dreaming of traveling almost the entire planet without visas.

new opportunities
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Why us?

Drawing up an official contract

The procedure for obtaining the requested status begins with the signing of a contract, which details the obligations of the company, the timing and cost of their provision.

Professional team

Only experienced specialists work at Immigrantinlaw, who understand the nuances of European legislation in detail and have a portfolio of successful immigration cases.

Guaranteed result

The assigned specialist accompanies the client at every stage, from forming a dossier to receiving a European Union passport, to minimize the applicant’s efforts and the risk of refusal in the petition.

Personalized help

International law lawyers do not use template methods, but select the optimal program for registering European citizenship for each immigrant according to his dossier and wishes.

Where to start


Initial consultation

During the first conversation, an Immigrantinlaw lawyer studies the applicant’s request, clarifies his wishes and intentions, recommends programs suitable for the situation to obtain a passport of an EU country, and answers counter questions.


Document preparation

The necessary dossier for citizenship is prepared by the assigned lawyer independently: the client only needs to provide a passport and civil status certificates.


Filing a petition

The company representative registers the client for an appointment at the authorized migration or diplomatic body, prepares for communication with civil servants, and accompanies to file a request for citizenship.


Receiving documents

After obtaning the status of a citizen of the European Union, a foreigner, together with the assigned specialist, issues an internal and foreign EU passport, as well as other internal documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for Latvian citizenship?

When accompanied by field-oriented lawyers, the applicant only needs to have a passport of his/her native country and civil status certificates. The rest of the documents for the dossier are prepared by the assigned specialist independently: they conduct archival work, request and collect missing certificates, organize translation, notarial certification, apostille/legalization.

Are there any special conditions or exceptions for refugees and persons with temporary protection when obtaining citizenship?

Recognized refugees can live in the European Union without seeking a basis for obtaining local citizenship or residence, and subsequently become naturalized persons. However, the rights of such applicants are severely limited, for example, they are temporarily prohibited from moving freely around the country, there is no access to the labor market at the time of consideration of the petition, it is necessary to refuse to use the existing passport and visit the native country.

Can my children automatically receive the same citizenship?

In the request for European Union citizenship, which is submitted by an adult foreigner, his/her children under 18 can be included, who receive the same legal status. If the passport of the EU country is issued by only one of the parents, the second requires documentary permission to acquire a similar document abroad by a common child.

What rights and privileges are granted to Latvian citizens after obtaining status?

Latvia is a full member of the European Union, so its citizens have the opportunity to move to a permanent place of residence in any region of the EU, gain access to employment, education, opening a business, buying real estate, stocks and securities, servicing in local banking and medical institutions.

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I have the best impressions of Immigrantinlaw. Thanks to lawyers, I received a Pole card, and now permanent residence. Next up is citizenship, quite soon.


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We obtained a residence permit for the whole family very fast, for that we are very grateful to the company’s lawyers. We obviously wouldn’t have been able to cope with this by ourselves, because lack of knowledge about the procedure.


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I applied for permanent residence with legal support, the specialists turned out to be very attentive, they advised me on all issues in a very detailed and understandable manner.


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new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

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Submit the application form and we will call you back!