Citizenship of Poland

Term from 8 months

Poland is a member of the European Union, with high GDP volumes and a socially-oriented market economy. The country attracts immigrants from the former USSR with a similar mentality of the local population, an easy-to-learn national language of the Slavic group, the possibility of accelerated legalization and obtaining an EU passport.

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Benefits of obtaining Polish citizenship


The right to visa-free visits to 160 or more countries

A Polish citizen can stay in EU and Schengen countries without term restrictions, travel to Canada, the United States, Australia without an entry permit.


Moving to any European Union country

EU citizens have equal opportunities in choosing a place of residence within the union, so an immigrant with a Polish passport can settle in the liked EU country for permanent residence.


Prospects for profitable employment

A citizen of Poland can claim a vacant place in any company registered in the European Union, with the right to pay tax charges to the treasury of the corresponding country and receiving a social package.


Access to developed education and healthcare systems

The holder of a Polish passport has the opportunity to study at the best universities in EU countries (including on a budget basis with receiving a scholarship), to be serviced in clinics on the basis of preferential medical insurance.

This program is suitable:


  • People who want to travel the world within the visa-free regime.


  • Businessmen planning to do business in the European single market.

Married couples

  • Families who plan to immigrate abroad together.


  • Those who want to have a second citizenship for personal purposes.

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Why us?

We conclude a contract

The official contract lists the obligations of the company, the term of their execution and fixed prices, which guarantees compliance with the agreements.

We have a successful portfolio

Our company’s employees have many positive cases for obtaining second citizenship for clients in different European Union countries.

We guarantee the result

Migration specialists thoroughly understand the norms of international legislation and lead the client’s case until he receives a European passport.

We find a personal approach

Professionals in the field of jurisprudence delve into the wishes and life situation of the applicant, after which they recommend optimal immigration programs.

Where to start


Consultation with a lawyer

A profile specialist deals with the client’s request, studies his pedigree, draws up a detailed plan of subsequent actions and an official contract.


Preparation of the dossier

Migration lawyers form a package of documents, request missing statements and certificates in archival institutions and government agencies.


Filing a petition

The assigned specialist prepares the client to visit a diplomatic or migration body, after which he accompanies him/her to apply for citizenship.


Registration of documents

After the approval of the petition, the applicant, together with the accompanying lawyer, picks up the document on obtaining citizenship, with which he subsequently receives a passport of the EU standard.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


What are the residency requirements for obtaining Polish citizenship?

Standard naturalization in Poland takes from 10 years, during which a foreigner resides in the country as a temporary and/or permanent resident. Residents of the former Soviet Union countries have the opportunity to participate in the program of accelerated passport processing of the EU country with a minimum required period of residence in the chosen country or without observing the census of sedentary.

How long does the process of obtaining Polish citizenship take and what stages does this process include?

With the support of migration lawyers, you can obtain all the rights of a Polish citizen within 8 months. With the help of international law specialists, it is enough to visit the relevant migration authority several times to apply for citizenship and acquire a citizenship document.

What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for citizenship?

To apply for European Union citizenship, a foreigner provides an identity card, civil status certificates, and proof of the right to apply for the corresponding status, for example, through ethnic affiliation with the country. Profile specialists independently form the necessary dossier, which simplifies the procedure for the applicant.

Can I keep my current citizenship if I get Polish citizenship?

The laws of the Republic of Poland allow for multiple citizenship and do not require foreigners to renounce their legal status at home when applying for a local passport. Before starting the procedure, the immigrant should make sure that the constitution of his home country does not prohibit having two identity cards, including a foreign one.

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Stories from our clients

We obtained a residence permit for the whole family very fast, for that we are very grateful to the company’s lawyers. We obviously wouldn’t have been able to cope with this by ourselves, because lack of knowledge about the procedure.


Reviews about residence permit

I moved to Austria and live there with a residence permit. Immigrantinlaw was very helpful in the procedure for obtaining a card. The lawyers thought everything out to the smallest detail, so the registration went smoothly.


Reviews about residence permit

The company has already been checked. Thanks to it, we were able to immigrate as a family, and have now already received permanent residence, with which lawyers also helped us. Thank you very much for everything!


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new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

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