Romanian citizenship

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Romania is an Eastern European industrial country with a developing economy, and also one of the most popular destinations for obtaining second citizenship among residents of the former USSR states. Romania is part of the European Union, so holders of local passports automatically become EU citizens with corresponding privileges.

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Advantages of obtaining Romanian citizenship


Visa-free travel to 160+ countries

A holder of a Romanian passport can stay in the Schengen area without time restrictions, and also visit Canada, Japan, Australia, South American countries without obtaining an entry permit.


Prospects for developing a commercial enterprise

Foreigners with a Romanian passport can register a business in the EU under simplified conditions, pay taxes at one of the lowest rates in Europe (personal income tax 10%), while developing an enterprise on the world’s largest Single European Market.


Obtaining European education for yourself and children

A Romanian citizen has the right to immigrate to any of the European Union countries along with family members, enroll a child in a local kindergarten, school or university (depending on age) for free, and also enter a university on the rights of indigenous citizens.


Official employment in EU countries

With a Romanian passport, an applicant can apply for vacancies in any of the European Union countries on equal terms (salary level, social guarantees, tax payments) with the local population.

This program is suitable:


  • People who dream of traveling the world without visa restrictions


  • Entrepreneurs planning to create a successful European company


  • Persons wishing to legally move to any EU country


  • Specialists expecting to receive European salaries abroad

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Why us?

Guaranteed confidentiality

Immigrantinlaw employees maintain client anonymity and never disclose personal data received, so the fact of contacting the company and obtaining second citizenship abroad can be kept secret by the applicant.

Support at every stage

International law specialists consult clients, help with dossier formation and preparation for visiting state bodies, accompany for obtaining a citizenship certificate and other European documents.

Individual problem-solving

Migration lawyers not only provide a certain list of services but study the personal situation and request of the client, conduct an analysis of genealogy, after which they recommend the best programs for obtaining an EU country passport.

Reliability and 100% effectiveness

Great experience and thorough knowledge of migration legislation help international law specialists achieve guaranteed results for their clients according to stated goals.

Where to start


Consultation with a lawyer

At the first meeting, the company representative studies the applicant’s situation, answers existing questions, and recommends the fastest, simplest, and most accessible option for obtaining Romanian citizenship.


Documents preparation

The applicant provides the specialist with a basic dossier, and the company’s lawyers independently conduct archival work in state institutions in search of documents necessary to confirm the basis.


Petition submission

The assigned specialist schedules the citizenship applicant for a convenient day and time to visit migration authorities, prepares and accompanies for successful acceptance of the dossier by the Ministry of Justice.


Document receipt

After considering the petition, the applicant visits the Romanian department, takes an oath, and collects a certificate of citizenship, with which they register an EU standard passport and other Romanian documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license

Certificate of Citizenship


If naturalization takes from 5 years, then how is it possible to obtain citizenship in less than a year?

Migration lawyers help clients to obtain Romanian citizenship through repatriation - a procedure for restoring lost status by roots. Repatriates do not need to live in the state in advance to obtain a passport, so only the waiting period for a decision on the request is taken into account when calculating time.

What language requirements exist when obtaining Romanian citizenship?

The repatriation procedure does not require the applicant to have a thorough knowledge of the Romanian language. A foreigner needs to learn the text of the oath for entry into citizenship and answers to basic questions that can be asked when visiting migration authorities.

Is it legal?

The entire repatriation procedure in Romania is absolutely legal and is carried out with the participation of migration lawyers strictly in accordance with the norms of current state legislation.

What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for Romanian citizenship?

The client needs to provide specialists with a passport, civil status certificates, and a certificate of no criminal record, and lawyers can request other documents from archives.

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Stories from our clients

I live in France on the basis of a residence permit, I opened my own business here. There are difficulties, but I have never regretted about my relocation. Many thanks to the immigration specialists!


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I thought that I could get permanent residence on my own, but I quickly stacked and realized that I needed the help of specialists. Everything went perfectly with them, without delays.


Reviews of permanent residence

I expected that the registration of citizenship would be a difficult process, but everything turned out to be relatively simple. In many respects, of course, thanks to lawyers.


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new opportunities
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