Citizenship of Spain

Term from 8 months

Spain is a southern agricultural country in Europe with rapid GDP growth and a high happiness index of the population (6.49 out of 10), according to The World Happiness Report data. The state of the Iberian Peninsula is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for actively developed tourism, is a full member of NATO and the European Union.

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Benefits of obtaining Spanish citizenship


Visa-free travel to 160 countries

Spaniards are exempt from the need to apply for a visa to most developed countries in the world, including all European ones, as well as China, the United States, Canada, Australia.


Receiving a full social package

The holder of a Spanish passport has the right to count on financial and legal assistance from the state, participate in business and population assistance programs regardless of nationality.


Immigration to EU countries

A Spanish citizen can move with family members to a liked country of the European Union for permanent residence with the right to employment, receiving free medical services.


Access to education in the best universities in the world

Citizens of Spain can count on admission to popular European universities, including with an educational course at the expense of the state.

This program is suitable:


  • Travelers who do not want to limit themselves in moving around the world.


  • Creators of business, counting on participation in EU grant programs.


  • Close relatives who plan to immigrate abroad together.


  • Those who want to have two passports for safety or for personal reasons.

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Why us?

We sign a contract

Cooperation is conducted strictly according to the contract, in which the company specifies its obligations, the terms of execution and the cost of services, as well as guarantees confidentiality.

Impressive work experience

Profile specialists in the field of international law thoroughly understand the peculiarities of EU countries’ legislation and know the subtleties of migration processes.

Full support

Professionals in the field of jurisprudence provide turnkey services, which guarantees clients successful implementation of the immigration procedure and obtaining status with a minimum of effort.

Personalized help

International law lawyers select individual ways of arranging European citizenship, based on the requests and goals set by the applicant in each specific case.

Where to start


Legal consultation

The company representative listens to the client’s wishes, asks clarifying questions and answers the counter ones, after which he/she recommends the best immigration programs abroad.


Documentary work

The applicant provides the assigned specialist with a basic dossier (passport, birth certificate), and the lawyer independently requests the missing certificates and certificates in government bodies.


Submitting a request

The profile specialist records the applicant for an appointment in the authorized body on a suitable date for him/her and accompanies when submitting a dossier for citizenship.


Receiving documents

After being assigned the status of a citizen of an EU country, the applicant, together with the assigned lawyer, visits state services to arrange a passport.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license

Certificate of Citizenship


What documents and evidence must be provided when applying for citizenship?

The immigrants` dossier depends on the basis on which they are requesting Spanish citizenship, but usually includes a completed questionnaire, identity card, certificate of no criminal record, language certificate, confirmation of entitlement (e.g., permanent resident card). Profile specialists independently prepare the necessary documents, which greatly simplifies the procedure for the applicant.

Can I keep my current citizenship if I get a Spanish passport?

The laws of the Kingdom of Spain prohibit naturalized foreign individuals from retaining their previous citizenship when applying for local legal status. Only repatriates can have two passports. International law specialists can recommend applicants legal ways to get a second EU country identity card with the possibility of living in Spain permanently and receiving all the rights of local citizens.

How long does the process of obtaining Spanish citizenship take and what stages does it include?

Standard naturalization in Spain takes applicants from 10 years from the moment of receiving the first residence permit, and also requires the immigrant to live permanently during this period on the territory of the state. Professionals in the field of legislation offer applicants faster and simpler EU citizenship programs within 8 months without observing the census of sedentary.

What language requirements exist when obtaining Spanish citizenship?

A naturalized foreigner in Spain is required to successfully pass state tests on constitutional and sociocultural knowledge (CCSE), and sufficient proficiency in the state language (DELE). A foreigner can obtain the rights of a Spanish citizen without language requirements according to simplified procedures that operate in the EU.

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There were no problems with obtaining a residence permit. I only asked for a consultation, and then ordered full support and was able to quickly move to Germany.


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The company has already been checked. Thanks to it, we were able to immigrate as a family, and have now already received permanent residence, with which lawyers also helped us. Thank you very much for everything!


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I recently received Slovenian citizenship, the whole procedure was accompanied by the company's lawyers, which makes me very happy, because I had avoided a lot of trouble.


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