Citizenship of Sweden

Term from 8 months

Swedish citizenship gives the applicant the right to legally live, work, and conduct business without restrictions on types of activities throughout the European Union. Local passport holders receive decent salaries, can buy residential and commercial real estate, and get a job in any EU country.

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Benefits of obtaining Swedish citizenship


Visa-free travel

The holder of a Swedish passport has the right to enter more than 160 countries of the world (EU countries and the Schengen zone, Mexico, UAE) without a preliminary request or simplified obtaining of permission.


Access to EU banks

A citizen of Sweden has access to opening personal and corporate accounts, arranging loans at favorable interest rates or deposit agreements in the territory of the state, as well as in EU countries.



The owner of a Swedish passport can get a job in local companies registered in the EU without issuing a permit, as well as hold public positions in the country.


Business conduct

A citizen of the Kingdom of Sweden has access to conducting entrepreneurial activities in the country, as well as in the internal market of the European Union with a flexible tax system and without customs duties.

This program is suitable:


  • Foreigners wishing to move to an EU country with their whole family.


  • Tourists who want to visit developed countries of the world.

Labor migrants

  • Specialists planning to increase their income level.


  • Company owners who want to work in the EU internal market.

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Why us?

Contract conclusion

The cooperation agreement guarantees the client compliance with all agreements on the part of international law specialists.

International work experience

Lawyers have been helping to immigrate and obtain citizenship for clients from all over the world for many years.

Guarantee of success

The company’s specialists responsibly approach the fulfillment of their obligations and ensure a positive result.

Personal approach

Lawyers study the situation of each client in detail and offer individual solutions for citizenship registration.

Where to start


Initial consultation

The migration specialist answers the client’s questions and offers optimal options for obtaining Swedish citizenship.


Preparation of the dossier

The company’s lawyer forms the required package of documents in accordance with the requirements of the migration legislation of the Kingdom of Sweden.


Filing a petition

The applicant, accompanied by a migration specialist, visits the Swedish state body and provides the dossier to the institution employee.


Completion of the process

After receiving a response to the petition, the applicant visits the Swedish state bodies to issue a passport and other internal documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


How long is required to live in Sweden before applying for citizenship?

Permanent residents of the country, who have legally resided in the country for a total of at least 5 years, have the right to apply.

What documents need to be attached to the application for Swedish citizenship?

Immigrants are required to provide a foreign passport, a valid permanent resident card, a certificate of no criminal record, and debt to state authorities.

Can I keep my current citizenship when applying for Swedish?

Yes, the authorities of the state allow their citizens to have multiple passports. An immigrant does not need to renounce his previous status when applying for Swedish citizenship.

Is it necessary to take a test in Swedish when applying for citizenship?

No, according to current legislation requirements of the country, immigrants do not need to take a language exam.

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Stories from our clients

I was able to immigrate to the Czech Republic, which I am incredibly happy about. I received a residence permit thanks to opening a business, everything turned out to be easier than I expected.


Reviews about residence permit

The process of obtaining citizenship went quickly and smoothly, without unforeseen problems. Definitively, the specialists did an excellent job.


Citizenship Reviews

I received second citizenship stunningly quickly. It’s good that a friend advised me to contact lawyers, and not act on my own. I`ve met really good specialists on my way.


Citizenship Reviews


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

Submit the application form and we will call you back!


Submit the application form and we will call you back!