Permanent residence of Cyprus

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Cyprus is part of the EU and attracts immigrants with the opportunity to conduct profitable business, as well as advantageous investing. Permanent residence owners receive European salaries, have access to free education, and can apply for benefits and subsidies.

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Advantages of Cypriot permanent residence


Opened EU borders

A permanent resident of Cyprus does not need to issue any permits to visit any EU country.


Access to insurance

The owner of a Cyprus permanent residency card has the right to issue a state medical insurance policy on a free basis.


Prestigious education

Diplomas of Cypriot educational institutions are recognized worldwide and also give an advantage when applying for a job in the country and abroad.


Obtaining citizenship

A resident of Cyprus has the right to issue a local passport if he lives in the country for 5 years in total.

This program is suitable:

Improve the quality of life

  • The global Quality of Life Index shows the level of well-being of residents of different countries, and in 2023 Cyprus ranked 35th out of 84.

Increase your income

  • A qualified specialist has the opportunity to receive a decent salary in Cyprus, in 2023 - more than 2,250 EUR per month.

Establish a company

  • Businessmen who have registered a company in Cyprus have the right to apply for tax benefits, financial assistance from the authorities.

Get an EU passport

  • With the acquisition of the status of a citizen of Cyprus, an immigrant receives all the rights and obligations of citizens of the European Union, since the country is part of the EU.

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Why us?

Signing a contract

The company concludes an official contract with the client, on the basis of which migration services of specialists are provided.

Personal approach

Specialists study the client’s situation and, based on the information received, develop a strategy for issuing a permanent residency card.

Lawyers’ qualifications

The company’s lawyers have all the necessary knowledge and experience for quality provision of services in the field of migration law.

Guarantee of result

Specialists responsibly approach the fulfillment of their duties, therefore they ensure the successful completion of the client’s immigration process.

Where to start


Discussion of details

An international law specialist consults the client on migration issues, after which a cooperation agreement is signed.


Preparation of documents

An international law lawyer forms a client’s dossier, based on the current requirements of Cyprus immigration legislation.


Request status

Together with an immigration lawyer, the client submits to the Cyprus state body the documents necessary for registration of status.


Receiving a permanent residency card

When assigning the applicant permanent residence in Cyprus, he receives a document confirming his new status.


What documents are required to obtain a permanent residency card of Cyprus?

A foreigner needs to prepare a foreign passport, a valid residence permit card, a certificate of no criminal record, tax returns for the last 5 years, a bank account statement, confirmation of property rights or a lease agreement, a medical insurance policy, a certificate of passing the Greek language test, and an employment contract or statement of entrepreneurial activity.

What conditions must be met to obtain Cypriot permanent residency?

An immigrant is required to live in the country with a residence permit for at least 5 years, and also confirm that he did not leave the country for more than half a year at a time and 10 months in total.

How can an investor get permanent residency in Cyprus?

A foreigner can invest from 300,000 EUR in residential or commercial real estate, share capital of a local company or shares of a Cypriot collective investment organization and obtain the status of a permanent resident.

What rights are granted to holders of Cypriot permanent residency and what are their obligations?

Permanent residents of the country can officially get a job, do business, receive free education in local educational institutions and apply for medical help. The obligations of Cypriot permanent residency holders include compliance with the legislation of the state, respect for its territorial integrity and independence, payment of taxes.

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Stories from our clients

After living in the Czech Republic for many years, I received permanent resident status. The procedure went smoothly, without any difficulties, since I turned to lawyers.


Reviews of permanent residence

We issued a residence permit for the whole family. I am sure that if there were no lawyers, we would definitely have missed important details. The application was approved, we did not make any mistakes.


Reviews about residence permit

There were no problems with obtaining a passport. Thanks to the help of experts, everything went perfectly. I don't think it would have been possible without the right support.


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new opportunities
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