Permanent residence of Czech Republic

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Czech Republic is one of the safest countries in the European Union: it ranks 11th in the international Numbeo crime rate ranking. Permanent residents can receive higher education in the state universities for free and ask for social protection. The Czech Republic attracts foreigners with decent salaries and loyal tax system.

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Benefits of Czech permanent residence


Visa freedom

Permanent residents do not need to obtain entry permission to cross the borders of EU and Schengen countries.



Permanent residence card holders have free access to the labor market in the Czech Republic without the need to obtain a work permit.


Social protection

Czech permanent residents have the right to claim financial assistance and benefits from the authorities.


Access to medicine

With a Czech insurance policy, permanent residents of the country have the right to go to local clinics.

This program is suitable:

Improve quality of life

  • According to the international Quality of Life Index, in 2023, the Czech Republic ranked 16th in terms of the well-being of its residents, surpassing many EU countries (Lithuania, Italy, and others).

Increase your income

  • In the Czech Republic, compared to other EU countries, the unemployment rate is the lowest (2.5%), while residents can expect to receive high salaries — from 1,800 EUR.

Study at a prestigious university

  • In Czech universities, the education process follows EU standards, while country residents have the right to free education, after which they can receive a European standard diploma.

Get an EU passport

  • The Czech Republic is a member of the union, so permanent residents can request citizenship of the state after 5 years of receiving permanent residence and acquire the rights of European Union citizens with it.

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Why us?

Signing an agreement

Before starting cooperation, the client signs a contract with the migration company, which outlines the rights and obligations of both parties.

Extensive experience

Lawyers have been providing services in the field of international law for many years, so they are aware of the current requirements of Czech legislation.

Guaranteed success

The company’s specialists fulfill all their obligations and ensure the successful completion of the migration process.

Individual approach

Migration lawyers take a responsible approach to studying the client’s situation and select the optimal option for moving to the Czech Republic.

Where to start


Discussing details.

The lawyer answers all the client’s questions about immigration, then selects the basis for the permanent residence request.


Forming a dossier.

The lawyer prepares a package of client documents according to the current requirements of Czech legislation.


Filing a petition.

The client, accompanied by a migration lawyer, submits documents to the Czech government agency to arrange permanent resident status.


Receiving a permanent residence card.

When the client learns about the assignment of status, he revisits the government agency where he filed the dossier and picks up the finished document.


What are the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Czech Republic?

To become a permanent resident of the state, a foreigner needs to live on its territory with a long-term residence permit for at least 5 years, confirm financial solvency, and proficiency in the Czech language not lower than level A2.

For how long a foreigner can get a permanent residence of Czech Republic?

The status of a permanent resident itself does not have an expiration date. However, the applicant needs to renew the permanent resident card every 10 years (or every 5 years if the applicant is under 15 years old).

What documents are required to provide for obtaining permanent residence of Czech Republic?

The applicant needs to prepare a foreign passport, one photo, confirmation of 5-year residence in the country, a lease agreement or proof of property ownership, a certificate of passing the language test, a certificate of income.

What rights are granted to the holders of the Czech Republic permanent residence card?

Permanent residents of the country can legally reside in the state for an unlimited period, get employed in local companies without obtaining a work permit, use banking services, conduct business, receive education, and claim social benefits from the authorities.

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Stories from our clients

I had Bulgarian ancestors, but the birth certificates are lost. The lawyers were able to find them quickly, so now I am a Bulgarian citizen.


Citizenship Reviews

I was pleased that the registration of a residence permit in sunny Spain did not drag on for a long time, and there were no difficulties.


Reviews about residence permit

It was clear to me that it was unlikely that I would be able to obtain permanent residence without professional help, so I immediately found a good company. In the end, everything went well, for this I am very grateful to the specialists.


Reviews of permanent residence


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