Permanent residence of Finland

Term from 4 months

Finland is a politically stable and rapidly developing country in terms of economy in the European Union. The country has a high level of security. Residents of Finland have the right to social protection. Permanent residence card holders can receive high salaries and do business on favorable terms.

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Benefits of Finnish permanent residence


Visa freedom

Permanent residence card holders in Finland do not need to apply for a permit to enter any EU or Schengen country.


Affordable education

Education in public schools and universities in Finland is free for permanent residents and their children.


High salaries

Residents of Finland can receive a decent salary - 3,200 EUR per month and more, depending on the field of activity.


Quality medicine

Permanent residence card holders can be serviced in Finnish clinics, as well as receive emergency medical care.

This program is suitable:

Live in the country indefinitely

  • The term of the permanent resident status of Finland is not limited, it is enough to renew the permanent residence card every 5 years.

Service in banks

  • A permanent resident has the right to receive a full range of financial services, for example, open a deposit or take a loan.

Start a business

  • A foreigner can create his own company in Finland without making a mandatory charter capital.

Get an EU passport

  • A resident can acquire the rights of EU citizens after 5 years of living in Finland, having formalized the status of a citizen of the state.

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Why us?

Contract conclusion

The client signs an agreement with the company, which guarantees him the fulfillment of all obligations on the part of immigration lawyers.

Extensive experience

Specialists have been providing services in the field of international law for many years, so they know about all the nuances and changes in EU legislation.

Result guarantee

Immigration lawyers responsibly approach the fulfillment of obligations to the client and ensure him a successful completion of the process.

Individual approach

Specialists take into account the situation and goals of the client, so they select the optimal basis for requesting a permanent resident card.

Where to start


Discussion of details.

The lawyer answers the client’s questions, analyzes his documents and selects a suitable way to issue a permanent residence card in Finland.


Preparation of the dossier.

The immigration lawyer collects the client’s document package, based on the current requirements of Finnish legislation.


Application submission.

The specialist helps the client to register with the Finnish government agency and accompanies him when submitting documents.


Completion of the procedure.

Upon confirmation of the application for permanent residence, the applicant applies to the Finnish government agency and receives a ready-made permanent resident card.


What are the conditions for obtaining a permanent residence card in Finland?

To obtain a Finnish permanent residence permit, the applicant is required to live in the country continuously for at least 4 years, for example, on the basis of working in a local company or establishing a business.

What documents need to be provided to obtain permanent residence in Finland?

The immigrant needs to prepare the original foreign passport and a color copy, one photo, and an income certificate.

Can I get permanent residence in Finland for my family members?

A spouse, minor children, a registered partner, or a cohabitant who is not married to the inviting person, on the basis of family reunification, can obtain a residence permit.

What rights are granted to holders of a Finnish permanent residence card and what are their obligations?

Permanent residents of the country can get jobs in local companies without providing a work permit, use banking services, receive education in Finnish educational institutions, open their own business. Permanent residence card holders are obliged to comply with the laws of the state, respect its independence and territorial integrity, and pay taxes on time.

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Stories from our clients

I moved to Austria and live there with a residence permit. Immigrantinlaw was very helpful in the procedure for obtaining a card. The lawyers thought everything out to the smallest detail, so the registration went smoothly.


Reviews about residence permit

I finally received permanent resident status! It was not very easy, but lawyers helped me to solve many problems and avoid unnecessary difficulties. All I had to do was learning the language.


Reviews of permanent residence

Thanks to the help of professionals, I was quickly able to become a resident of one European country, where I already live with permanent residence. I was pleased with the work of the specialists and the result.


Reviews of permanent residence


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