Permanent residence of France

Term from 6 months

France is the largest country in the European Union, attracting migrants with a stable political and economic environment. The country has affordable real estate prices, a high level of medical development. Residents can claim a decent salary, as well as receive benefits and subsidies from local authorities.

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Benefits of French permanent residence


Visa-free travel

For visiting EU and Schengen countries, holders of a French permanent residence card do not need to apply for an entry permit.


Education grants

Permanent residents can apply for scholarships to cover expenses related to studying at local universities.


Access to banking services

Holders of a French permanent resident card have the opportunity to take out loans with low interest rates.


Indefinite residence

Foreigners receive the status of permanent residents of France for life, provided that the permanent residence card is renewed every 10 years.

This program is suitable:

Become an EU passport holder

  • Foreigners can apply for citizenship after 5 years of living in the country, and with the acquisition of status - obtain the rights of EU citizens.

Improve your financial situation

  • Permanent residents of France with higher education can expect to receive a salary of 2,500 EUR and more.

Become a startup founder

  • The French authorities support the founders of innovative companies, providing them with additional funding and grants.

Invest in real estate

  • Developers offer for sale apartments and houses located in famous resorts of the country, at moderate prices - from 4,100 EUR/1 m2.

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Why us?

Provision of services under the contract

The agreement, which is signed by the client and the immigration lawyer, indicates all the rights and obligations of both parties.

Guarantee of obtaining a permanent residence card

Specialists responsibly approach the fulfillment of their duties, therefore they successfully close the issue of the client’s immigration.

Many years of legal practice

Immigration specialists know all the nuances of the procedure for obtaining permanent residence in France thanks to extensive experience.

Personalized help

International law specialists carefully study the situation and the client’s existing documents before starting the registration of permanent residence.

Where to start


Consultation with a specialist.

At the first stage, the client asks all his questions about the registration of a permanent resident card in France.


Preparation of documents.

An international law lawyer, relying on current French immigration legislation, forms the client’s dossier.


Submission of the petition.

Accompanied by an immigration lawyer, the client applies for a French permanent residence.


Receiving the card.

Upon approval of the application, the client receives a document confirming his status as a permanent resident.


What are the conditions for obtaining French permanent residence?

To become a permanent resident, an immigrant must live in the country with a residence permit for a period specified by law (from 2 to 5 years depending on the situation) and prove proficiency in French not lower than level A2.

What documents need to be prepared to apply for a permanent resident card in France?

A foreigner is required to provide a passport, birth certificate, 3 photos, confirmation of housing in the country, a certificate of passing the language test, a receipt for the payment of the stamp duty, a declaration of respect for the principles of the French Republic.

What rights do the holders of permanent residence card in France have and what are their obligations?

Permanent residents of the country are given access to the labor market without the need to obtain a work permit, the opportunity to conduct profitable business, receive education in local educational institutions, receive treatment in state clinics. The duties of the permanent residence card holder include timely payment of taxes, compliance with legislation, and respect for the country’s independence.

Can my family members become permanent residents of France?

Yes, minor children and the spouse of the inviting party have the right to obtain a permanent residence card after 2 years of living in the country.

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