Permanent residence of Germany

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Germany is a country that is a part of the European Union. The car and chemical industries are developed in the country, so there are many job opportunities in these areas. The prices for goods and services in Germany correspond to the income of the population. The country also has good ecology, a low crime rate and many locations for recreation.

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Benefits of German permanent residence


Visa-free visits to the EU

Permanent residents of Germany planning trips to EU countries do not need to obtain permits.


High salaries

The salaries of residents, like citizens, depend on the field of activity, but on average, specialists receive no less than 4,400 EUR per month.


Quality medicine

Owners of a German permanent residence card can go to German clinics under an insurance policy and receive help from qualified doctors.


Access to the banking system

Residents of the state have the right to be serviced in the country’s financial institutions, claim to receive consumer loans and mortgages.

This program is suitable:

Get a job in the country

  • Highly qualified specialists can easily find suitable vacancies, as in Germany as of 2023 there is a low unemployment rate - 3%.

Get an education

  • German public and private universities operate according to European Union standards, and after graduation, graduates are issued international standard diplomas.

Establish your own business

  • German entrepreneurs can carry out their activities not only in Germany but also in the single market of the European Union, which opens up more opportunities for company development.

Receive state support

  • The German government provides financial assistance in the form of additional payments to residents who have just legalized their residence in the country.

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Why us?

Cooperation under the contract

The client signs a contract with the company, which specifies all his rights, as well as the obligations of migration specialists.

Extensive experience

Migration lawyers have been providing services in the field of international law for many years, so they know all the peculiarities of German legislation.

Individual solutions

International law specialists study the client’s situation in detail and develop a personal strategy for obtaining German permanent residence for him/her.

Achieving success

The company’s lawyers make every effort and use their knowledge to the maximum for the successful receipt of a German permanent residence card by the client.

Where to start


Consultation and conclusion of a contract

The migration specialist provides the client with complete information about obtaining permanent residence in Germany, then a cooperation agreement is signed.


Collection and preparation of the dossier

The lawyer studies the client’s documents, voices which ones are missing, and helps to form a case for submission to the German state body.


Application for permanent residence in Germany

Accompanied by a lawyer, the client fills out an application on the website of the German state body, and then visits it to provide the originals of the documents.


Obtaining permanent residence status

After reviewing the documents and approving the client’s request, the state body employee issues the applicant a German permanent resident card.


What requirements and conditions must be met to obtain a German permanent residence card?

A foreigner should live in the country with a temporary residence permit for at least 5 years, prove financial solvency, and demonstrate knowledge of the German language.

Can I get a German permanent residence for my family members?

Yes, minors who are not married, children of the inviting person and his legal partner, as well as a spouse, can become permanent residents of the country based on family ties.

How long does the process of obtaining a German permanent residence take and what stages does it include?

The procedure for obtaining a German permanent resident card takes about a month. The entire process can be divided into 3 stages: consultation with a migration specialist and signing a contract, forming a dossier, applying to the German state body.

What rights are granted to holders of a German permanent residence and what are their obligations?

German permanent residents can live indefinitely in the country, get jobs in local companies, receive free education, and conduct entrepreneurial activities. The duties of German permanent resident card holders include respect for the independence and sovereignty of the state, payment of taxes, and compliance with legislation.

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Stories from our clients

To obtain permanent residence in Europe, I contacted specialists. They helped me a lot, they made everything really easy. All obligations were fulfilled and the services were inexpensive.


Reviews of permanent residence

I received a residence permit for family restoration without any problems. To be honest, I was very worried at the beginning, but the company took into account all the details, so there were no difficulties.


Reviews about residence permit

Of course, it was not in vain that I applied for permanent residence in Bulgaria, now it will be possible to obtain citizenship. As I still want to live here, waiting a few years is not a problem.


Reviews of permanent residence


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