Permanent residence of Hungary

Term from 2 months

Hungary is a country that is part of the European Union and has a rapidly developing economy. The state is interested in attracting workers and entrepreneurs from abroad, so it offers them favorable conditions. Hungary is also popular among migrants due to the low prices for renting/buying real estate.

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Advantages of Hungarian permanent residence


Free crossing of EU borders

Owners of Hungarian permanent residence do not need to apply for visas when traveling to European Union countries if they plan to stay on their territory for up to 90 days.


Favorable conditions for doing business

Permanent residents who have established a company in Hungary pay corporate tax at the most optimal rate in the EU - 9%.


Access to quality medicine

Hungarian doctors adhere to international treatment protocols, so residents, along with citizens, receive qualified help.


Prestigious European education

Hungarian universities operate according to EU standards, so after graduating from university, graduates can find work in almost any country in the world.

This program is suitable:

Improve the standard of living

  • In 2023, permanent residents of Hungary can claim a decent salary - over 1,500 EUR

Profitably invest funds

  • The prices for buying apartments and houses in Budapest are lower than in other capitals of the European Union, and start from 2,500 EUR per m2

Get higher education

  • Education in Hungarian universities is often more affordable than in other EU countries (a semester at the University of Szeged costs about 1,500 EUR)

Organize your business

  • The Hungarian government supports local entrepreneurs by providing additional funding, tax benefits

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Why us?

Competence of lawyers

Migration specialists have higher education and impressive work experience, so they help the client with solving any issue.

Individual solutions

International law specialists study the client’s situation and, based on the data received, offer him the optimal option for migration.

Result guarantee

Lawyers approach their duties responsibly, therefore they ensure the successful completion of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit.

Cooperation under a contract

The client signs a contract with the immigration company, which specifies his rights and obligations of specialists.

Where to start


Identification of needs

At the first consultation, the client voices his goal of moving to Hungary, and the specialist finds the optimal basis for arranging a residence permit card.


Preparation of the dossier

The lawyer forms a package of client documents for requesting permanent resident status, according to the requirements of Hungarian legislation.


Request for a residence permit

Accompanied by a specialist, the client registers on the portal of the Hungarian migration service, and then submits the originals of documents to the state body


Completion of the procedure

The company’s specialist informs the client about the decision made by the Hungarian state body and tells how and where he can get a ready-made residence permit card


What documents and evidence should be provided when applying for a residence permit in Hungary?

A foreigner should prepare a passport, one photo, a lease/purchase agreement for housing in Hungary, and an insurance policy.

Can my family members get a residence permit in Hungary?

Yes, the opportunity is available for the spouse (if the marriage was concluded no later than two years before the application) and minor children of a Hungarian resident.

How long does the procedure for obtaining a Hungarian residence permit card take and what stages does it include?

The entire process of arranging a permanent residence permit lasts from 2 months. During this period, the immigration lawyer selects the basis for requesting status, compiles a dossier, and submits an application together with the client. As a result, the applicant receives a ready-made Hungarian residence permit card.

What rights and obligations are granted to holders of a Hungarian residence permit card?

Hungarian permanent residents must comply with the country’s legislation, pay taxes. At the same time, holders of a residence permit card can live indefinitely in the state, work, do business, study.

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Stories from our clients

I was a little worried whether I would receive my permanent residence card on time, but in reality, there was nothing to be afraid of. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be any mistakes and that all requirements are met.


Reviews of permanent residence

I received the Slovenian passport without any problems. I am sure that everything wouldn’t have gone smoothly without the help of specialists. Thank you very much!


Citizenship Reviews

My experience of cooperation with Immigrantinlaw is positive. Lawyers even restored a document that had long been lost and was absolutely necessary. The process of obtaining citizenship is at the finish line.


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