Permanent residence of Italy

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In Italy, one of the EU countries, there is a developed economy and a high level of social protection for residents. Permanent residence cardholders have the opportunity to get a job in local companies and receive a European salary. Also, permanent residents can do business in Italy, counting on support from the state.

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Benefits of Italian permanent residence


Visa-free travel in the EU

To visit any of the European Union countries, Italian residents do not need to issue permits.


European medicine

Permanent residence cardholders in Italy can get free service (within their insurance policy) in local clinics with modern equipment.


Prestigious education

There are more than 50 universities in Italy, after graduating from which graduates receive a diploma recognized in all countries of the world.


Official employment

Permanent resident cardholders in Italy have the right to work in local companies and receive a decent salary (on average 1,700 EUR per month).

This program is suitable:

Invest in the Italian economy

  • Those wishing to invest funds can apply for a residence permit on this basis, and after a certain period of residence in the country - request permanent residence.

Live indefinitely in the country

  • Applicants receive the status of a permanent resident, which has no time limits, while every 10 years they need to renew their permanent residence card.

Start your own company

  • Resident entrepreneurs have the right to apply for additional funding from the authorities to develop their own projects.

Obtain EU citizenship

  • Permanent residents who have lived in the country with a permanent residence permit for 5 years can acquire an Italian passport and, accordingly, the rights of EU citizens.

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Why us?

Work under the contract

An agreement is concluded between the company and the applicant, which indicates the rights of the client, as well as the obligations of specialists.

Qualified lawyers

Specialists have higher education and international work experience, so they approach their duties responsibly and competently.

Individual approach

Immigration lawyers study the specifics of the situation of the applicant for permanent residence in Italy and, based on this, develop a strategy for obtaining a card.

Guarantee of result

Lawyers know all the nuances of EU legislation, including Italy, so they ensure a positive decision on the application for permanent residence.

Where to start


Initial consultation

The migration specialist provides the client with answers to questions about immigration to Italy and signs a cooperation agreement with him.


Compilation of a dossier

The company’s lawyer prepares the client’s documents and forms a case in accordance with the current requirements of Italian legislation.


Application for permanent residence

Together with the migration specialist, the applicant submits a petition for an Italian permanent resident card to the authorized state body.


Obtaining permanent residence

After the application is approved, an employee of the Italian state body issues the applicant a document confirming his right to permanent residence.


What are the conditions for obtaining permanent residence of Italy?

To obtain a permanent residence card, a foreigner is required to live in the country with a residence permit for at least 5 years, pass a test in Italian and confirm financial solvency.

What is the minimum income required to demonstrate for obtaining permanent residence of Italy?

In 2023, a foreigner is required to prove that his annual income is at least 6,040 EUR.

What documents are required to obtain an Italian permanent residence card?

A foreigner should prepare a foreign passport, a certificate of no criminal record, confirmation of housing in the state and expenses for its maintenance, tax returns, and a receipt for payment of the mandatory fee.

How can an investor get permanent residence of Italy?

A foreigner has the opportunity to invest funds from 250,000 to 2 million EUR in bonds, local companies and startups, or charitable funds. Based on investments, the immigrant receives a residence permit valid for 2 years with the right to extend, and after 5 years of residence, he can arrange permanent residence.

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Stories from our clients

Thanks to the help of professionals, I was quickly able to become a resident of one European country, where I already live with permanent residence. I was pleased with the work of the specialists and the result.


Reviews of permanent residence

We issued a residence permit for the whole family. I am sure that if there were no lawyers, we would definitely have missed important details. The application was approved, we did not make any mistakes.


Reviews about residence permit

In general, I called the Immigrantinlaw company just for a consultation, but in the end, they helped me obtain a residence permit. Lawyers always provide detailed advice on emerging issues.


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