Permanent residence of Latvia

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Latvia is a European Union country with a developed economy and a high standard of living. Permanent residents of the state have access to quality healthcare and free education. Property prices in Latvia are much lower than in other European Union countries.

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Benefits of Latvian permanent residence


Visa-free regime

Permanent residents of Latvia can enter the territory of any European Union country without obtaining permits.


Access to education

Latvia is an EU country, so graduates of local universities receive a European standard diploma.


Indefinite residence

Foreigners receive permanent residence without time restrictions, but the card should be updated every 5 years to update the data.


Access to healthcare

Owners of the Latvian permanent residence card can be serviced in local hospitals with modern equipment.

This program is suitable:

Increase income level

  • Permanent residence cardholders have the right to work in local companies without obtaining a work permit and receive a European level salary.

Start a company

  • Latvia has state business support programs (for example, LIAA), which help entrepreneurs develop their business.

Have social protection

  • Permanent residents can count on receiving financial assistance from the country, for example, unemployment benefits.

Buy property

  • Prices for apartments and houses in major cities of Latvia, for example in Riga, are much lower than in the capitals of other EU countries and start from 1,500 EUR per 1 m2.

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Why us?

Contract conclusion

The client signs an agreement with the company, which lists the services provided by migration specialists, as well as their obligations.

Rich work experience

Lawyers have been providing services in the field of international law for many years in a row, so they know all the nuances of EU migration legislation.

Achieving success

Specialists responsibly approach the accompaniment of the client’s immigration procedure to Latvia, therefore they guarantee a successful completion of the process.

Individual approach

Based on the client’s personal data and the documents provided by him/her, lawyers select the optimal basis for requesting Latvian permanent residence.

Where to start


Consultation with a specialist.

The migration lawyer answers the client’s questions about obtaining a permanent resident card and immigration to Latvia.


Document preparation.

The lawyer forms the client’s dossier according to the current requirements of Latvian migration legislation.


Application for permanent residence.

The specialist helps to sign up in the Latvian state body and tells when the client needs to provide documents.


Completion of the process.

After a positive decision on the application, the applicant receives a Latvian permanent resident card.


What are the conditions for obtaining Latvian permanent residence?

To become a permanent resident, an immigrant must live in the country with a residence permit for at least 5 years, prove the existence of regular income, and confirm knowledge of the Latvian language (not lower than level A2).

What documents are required to apply for a Latvian permanent residence card?

A foreigner should prepare a foreign passport, a certificate of passing the language test, confirmation of housing in the state, a certificate of income, and a receipt for payment of the consular fee.

What income needs to be demonstrated to obtain Latvian permanent residence?

In 2023, a foreigner is required to confirm that he received at least 620 EUR per month as a salary or pension during the last year.

What rights are granted to the holders of Latvian permanent residence card?

Permanent residents can travel visa-free to EU and Schengen countries, officially work or do business in the country, receive education, and get serviced in Latvian clinics.

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Thanks to the help of professionals, I was quickly able to become a resident of one European country, where I already live with permanent residence. I was pleased with the work of the specialists and the result.


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Immigrantinlaw is definitely a company you can trust. With it I went all the way to EU citizenship, the lawyers never made mistakes. I am very grateful to them for their help.


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I was able to immigrate to the Czech Republic, which I am incredibly happy about. I received a residence permit thanks to opening a business, everything turned out to be easier than I expected.


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