Permanent residence of Portugal

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Portugal is one of the EU countries with a rapidly developing economy and a low crime rate. Residents of the state receive European-level wages, and permanent residents can also develop a business. The prices for renting or buying real estate in Portugal are lower than in Spain, Italy, and some other EU countries.

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Benefits of Portuguese permanent residence


Visa-free regime with the EU

For travel to EU countries, a permanent resident of Portugal does not need to apply for an entry permit.


Indefinite residence

A foreigner receives a permanent residence permit without restrictions on the validity period, and with it - the opportunity to enter Portugal even when the borders are closed.


High standard of living

In the international Quality of Life Index as of 2023, Portugal ranks 14th, ahead of Belgium and France.


Privileges for doing business

Entrepreneurs with a permanent residence permit may be assigned a special tax status, and they are also entitled to claim benefits.

This program is suitable:

Get a European Union passport

  • Portugal is a member of the EU, so immigrants who have lived in the country for 5 years and have a permanent residence permit can apply for citizen status and acquire the rights of European Union citizens with it.

Find an occupational work

  • In Portugal, there is a shortage of programmers, systems analysts, sales representatives, accountants, office workers, auditors, marketers, cashiers.

Get a European education

  • Portuguese universities issue international standard diplomas, so graduates find work not only in the state but also in other countries of the world.

Have access to quality medicine

  • Applicants can undergo examinations in clinics with modern equipment, and highly qualified doctors carry out treatment according to international protocols.

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Why us?

Cooperation by agreement

The contract signed by the client and the company representative guarantees the fulfillment of all agreements.

Impressive work experience

Lawyers have been providing immigration services for many years, so they know the nuances of the legislation of different countries.

Guarantee of success

Specialists accompany the client at all stages of obtaining permanent residence in Portugal.

Personal approach

The company’s specialists study the situation of each client in detail, so they select the optimal basis for requesting a permanent residence card.

Where to start


Discussion of details.

The specialist answers the client’s questions about immigration and develops a strategy for obtaining permanent residence in Portugal.


Preparation of the dossier.

The lawyer forms a package of the client’s documents, based on the requirements prescribed in Portuguese legislation.


Application for permanent residence.

Together with a lawyer, the client registers with a state body in Portugal, and then visits it to provide documents.


Receiving the card.

A notification of approval of the petition is sent to the client, after that he visits the state body of Portugal to pick up the document.


What are the conditions for obtaining a permanent residence card in Portugal?

The applicant is required to live in the country with a residence permit for at least 5 years, confirm knowledge of the Portuguese language, prove the presence of their own or rented house/apartment in the country, and means of subsistence.

What documents need to be provided to obtain permanent residence in Portugal?

The immigrant should prepare a passport, two photographs, certificates of income and no criminal record, a lease/purchase agreement for housing, medical insurance, a certificate of passing a language test, proof of tax payment, as well as documents confirming residence in Portugal for 5 years.

Can my family members get permanent residence?

Yes, the right is available to a spouse or cohabitant, minor children of the inviting person and his partner (including incapacitated and/or adopted). The aforementioned applicants can request a permanent residence card after 2 years of living in Portugal.

What rights and obligations do holders of a Portuguese permanent residence card have?

Permanent residents have free access to the labor market (without the need for a work permit), can do business and receive education in the country. The obligations of the holder of a permanent residence card in Portugal include compliance with the law, as well as payment of taxes and respect for the independence, sovereignty of the country.

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Stories from our clients

I shouldn’t have worried that I would be denied in a residence permit. The main thing is to do everything correctly with the documents. To be on the safe side, I applied for a residence permit with legal support.


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I have long dreamed of Europe, and finally the dream has come true. I moved for work and received a residence permit quite quickly. I contacted lawyers and they helped a lot.


Reviews about residence permit

Immigrantinlaw is definitely a company you can trust. With it I went all the way to EU citizenship, the lawyers never made mistakes. I am very grateful to them for their help.


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