Permanent residence of Romania

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Romania is a country that is a member of the European Union. The state attracts migrants with a low level of taxation and affordable housing prices. Romania has a steadily developing economy, so the country has favorable conditions for doing business.

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Advantages of obtaining Romanian permanent residence


Visa-free travel within the EU

Romanian permanent residents have the right to stay in any European Union country for up to 3 months within six months without obtaining an entry permit.


Social protection from authorities

Holders of a Romanian residence permit card can claim financial assistance (for example, payments in connection with job loss, childbirth), as well as benefits.


Official employment

Romanian permanent residents have the right to work in local companies, as well as firms that are registered in other European Union countries.


Obtaining a Romanian passport

Holders of a residence permit card can become citizens of Romania after 4-8 years of legal residence in the country, and with the status arrangement - acquire all the rights and obligations of EU citizens.

This program is suitable:

Improve your financial situation

  • In 2023, the average salary in Romania is almost 1,500 EUR per month, and highly qualified specialists can earn from 2,100 EUR

Make investments in the country’s economy

  • Romania has a program that allows foreigners to invest funds and get residency status for it, and after 4 years - citizenship

Get European education

  • Romanian educational institutions operate according to EU standards, so graduates receive diplomas that are recognized by many countries of the world

Live indefinitely in the state

  • Foreigners receive the status of a permanent resident of Romania, which is not limited in time, it is only necessary to update the residence permit card every 10 years

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Why us?

Compliance with agreements

Before starting cooperation, the client signs a contract that specifies the obligations of the company, so the applicant can be sure that all conditions of the agreement will be met.

Protection of personal data

Company specialists guarantee taking all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized use of information received from the client during cooperation.

Support at all stages

International law lawyers help the client prepare the required package of documents within the framework of the contract, apply for permanent residence and receive a Romanian permanent resident card.

Many years of experience

Company lawyers have been providing services in the field of international law for many years, so they know all the features of migration legislation in each European Union country.

Where to start


Initial consultation

At the first meeting, the specialist finds out the client’s goal of moving to Romania and offers an optimal basis for obtaining a residence permit.


Document preparation

The migration lawyer forms a dossier of the client according to current requirements of Romanian legislation.


Application for permanent residence

Accompanied by a specialist, the client registers with a state body in Romania and leaves an application for obtaining a permanent resident card.


Completion of process

The migration specialist informs the client about how his petition is being processed and tells where he can pick up his residence permit card.


What requirements and conditions exist for obtaining a permanent residence in Romania?

An immigrant should live in the country with a temporary residence permit for at least 5 years, prove the presence of housing on its territory and his financial solvency. Also, the person is required to provide a medical insurance policy. The immigrant needs to know Romanian at a satisfactory level.

What financial requirements exist for obtaining a permanent residence in Romania, including minimum income?

The applicant for permanent resident status should provide documents that prove that he receives at least 663.56 EUR every month.

What programs and opportunities for arranging permanent residence in Romania exist for investors and businessmen?

To become a permanent resident, you need to invest at least 1,000,000 EUR in the country’s economy. You can also establish your own company in the country and create at least 100 jobs. Investors and businessmen do not need to fulfill the requirement of 5 years of residence in Romania - they can get a permanent residence card immediately.

What rights and obligations are granted to holders of a permanent residence in Romania?

A permanent resident can live in the country without time restrictions, apply for help to law enforcement agencies, be served in local hospitals by an insurance policy. The obligations of the holder of a permanent residence card include respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state, compliance with all laws and payment of taxes.

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There were no problems with obtaining a passport. Thanks to the help of experts, everything went perfectly. I don't think it would have been possible without the right support.


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Thanks to the lawyers, I was confident that I had made no mistakes when requesting a resident card. I could have tried to do everything myself, but I didn’t risk it.


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The passport of Bulgaria was not so difficult to obtain. Everything went smoothly thanks to the help of lawyers.


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