Permanent residence of Slovenia

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Slovenia is one of the countries in Central Europe that is part of the European Union. The state is located at the intersection of important transit routes, as it borders Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Romania. The country annually ranks high in international rankings for the standard of living of the population.

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Advantages of obtaining Slovenian permanent residence


Visa-free travel within the EU

Slovenia is a member of the European Union, so permanent residents can stay in any country of the union for up to 3 months without obtaining an entry permit.


High wages

In 2023, according to the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, the average monthly salary of citizens and residents of the state is about 2,200 EUR.


Low crime rate

According to the international rating agency Numbeo, Slovenia is considered one of the safest countries in the European Union, as it ranks 2nd in the corresponding list.


Good environmental situation

In 2022, Slovenia ranked 7th in the international Environmental Performance Index rating, as the country’s policy is aimed at protecting the environment.

This program is suitable:

Live indefinitely in the country

  • The status of a Slovenian permanent resident is issued by the state authorities to immigrants without time restrictions, that is, for life

Get an education in the EU

  • Slovenian universities operate according to European Union standards, and university graduates receive diplomas that are recognized worldwide

Run a profitable business

  • Slovenian permanent residents can register as legal entities in a country with a stable economy

Become a citizen of the European Union

  • After 5 years of living in the country with a permanent residence permit, applicants can apply for citizenship, and with its receipt - acquire all the rights of EU citizens

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Why us?

Data confidentiality

The company takes responsibility for preserving personal information received from a client during cooperation.

Individual approach

International law lawyers study the applicant’s situation and select an optimal basis for his move to Slovenia.

Comprehensive support

Company specialists accompany clients at all stages of immigration to the EU: from initial consultation to directly obtaining a permanent residence card.

International experience

The company’s immigration lawyers know all the specifics of European Union legislation thanks to many years of practice.

Where to start


Initial consultation

The specialist identifies client’s relocation goals, studies his documents and selects a basis for immigration based on received data.


Formation of dossier

An international law lawyer prepares a package of applicant’s documents taking into account current requirements prescribed in legislation.


Application for permanent residence

An immigration lawyer helps client make an appointment with an authorized state body in Slovenia and accompanies him when submitting an application for permanent residence.


Document processing

After receiving a positive response to petition, specialist informs client how to get a permanent resident card.


What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Slovenia?

In addition to living in the country for 5 years, an applicant for a permanent resident card should be financially stable, have medical insurance, and a certificate of no criminal record. From November 1, 2024, it will be necessary to prove knowledge of the Slovenian language at a level not lower than A2.

Can I get permanent residence in Slovenia for family members and what conditions exist for this?

Yes, the spouse or civil partner, as well as minor and unmarried children of a permanent resident have the right to apply for long-term residence after living in the country with a temporary residence permit for 2 years.

How long does the process of obtaining permanent residence take and what stages does it include?

The procedure for obtaining status takes about 30 days. The aforementioned period includes consultation with an immigration lawyer, dossier formation, application for permanent residence in a state body of Slovenia, and receiving a card.

What rights and obligations are granted to permanent residents in Slovenia?

Permanent residents must comply with the legislation, pay taxes, respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state. Permanent resident card holders are endowed with equal rights with citizens of the country, except for the possibility to participate in parliamentary and presidential elections.

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Stories from our clients

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Italy went well, there were no difficulties, which made me very happy. Everything worked out in the best possible way.


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I was pleased that the registration of a residence permit in sunny Spain did not drag on for a long time, and there were no difficulties.


Reviews about residence permit

To obtain permanent residence in Europe, I contacted specialists. They helped me a lot, they made everything really easy. All obligations were fulfilled and the services were inexpensive.


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