Permanent residence of Sweden

Term from 3 months

Sweden is the largest Scandinavian country, which is part of the EU. The state has a high standard of living, residents have access to quality medicine and European education. Qualified specialists from abroad can count on receiving decent wages.

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Benefits of Swedish permanent residence


Visa freedom

To travel within the EU and Schengen countries, holders of a Swedish permanent residence card do not need to apply for an entry permit.


Access to banking services

Permanent residents can open deposits and take the mortgages in local financial institutions at favorable interest rates (from 6%).


Quality medicine

Holders of a Swedish permanent residence card have the opportunity to be serviced in local clinics equipped with modern equipment.


Obtaining citizenship

After 5 years of living in Sweden, applicants have the right to apply for the corresponding status.

This program is suitable:

Get a job

  • Qualified specialists with higher education can count on receiving high wages - from 3,000 EUR per month.

Buy real estate

  • Depending on the chosen region of Sweden, immigrants can buy an apartment/house at a favorable cost - from 1,700 EUR per 1 m2.

Establish a company

  • There are many startup hubs in Sweden that offer financial support to beginning entrepreneurs for project development.

Study at a prestigious university

  • Holders of a permanent resident card in Sweden can receive higher education without the need to pay for tuition.

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Why us?

Signing a contract

Thanks to the agreement that the client concludes with the company, the applicant knows his rights, as well as the obligations of migration specialists.

International experience

Lawyers have been working in the field of providing migration services for many years, so they know the nuances of EU legislation, including Sweden.

Individual approach

Migration specialists study the situation of each client in detail, so they offer a personal strategy for requesting a Swedish permanent residence card.

Compliance with agreements

Lawyers take a responsible approach to fulfilling their obligations, so they guarantee the successful completion of the procedure for obtaining Swedish permanent residence.

Where to start


Initial consultation.

An international law specialist tells the client about all the nuances of obtaining a Swedish permanent resident card.


Preparation of documents.

A migration lawyer, relying on current norms of Swedish legislation, forms the applicant’s dossier.


Submission of the request.

Under the guidance of a migration specialist, the client submits the formed package of documents to the state body of Sweden.


Receiving a permanent residence card.

Upon approval of the application, the client receives a corresponding notification, and then - a permanent resident card.


What are the conditions for obtaining a Swedish permanent residence?

To become a permanent resident, an immigrant needs to live in the country with a long-term residence permit for at least 3 years, prove the availability of funds to cover the expenses for staying in the state, and confirm the absence of a criminal record.

What are the financial requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Sweden?

An individual assessment is conducted to determine whether the applicant can support him/herself. In 2023, the cost of living in the country is 490 EUR per month.

For how long does the foreigner receive the status of a permanent resident of Sweden?

The permanent residency card needs to be renewed every 3 years. The status of a permanent resident of Sweden is valid indefinitely.

What rights and obligations do the holders of Swedish permanent residency card have?

Permanent residents can legally reside in the country, work, receive free education, conduct business, and be serviced in local clinics. Permanent residency card holders need to respect the sovereignty and independence of Sweden, comply with the legislation, and pay taxes in time.

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Stories from our clients

This is not the first time I have collaborated with this company, and every time I receive excellent service and qualified assistance. I would also like to add that the prices are quite affordable.


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Thanks to the help of professionals, I was quickly able to become a resident of one European country, where I already live with permanent residence. I was pleased with the work of the specialists and the result.


Reviews of permanent residence

I received a residence permit for employment. I immediately decided to contact the lawyers, they helped me a lot. I think that we'll be collaborating again.


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