Residence permit of Belgium

Term from 3 months

Belgium attracts immigrants with a high standard of living, and also provides social protection for the population, decent wages for citizens and residents. Investing in the country’s economy is popular due to minimal risks. Also, residence permit holders have the opportunity to purchase real estate profitably.

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Benefits of obtaining Belgian residence permit


Free border crossing

With a Belgian residence permit, a foreign migrant has visa-free access to most European countries.


Modern medical service

The residence permit holder can apply for examination and treatment in the best medical institutions of the country with insurance.


The opportunity to apply for citizenship

After 5 years of permanent residence, provided that one of the state languages is known, you can apply for a passport.


Increasing the standard of living

Belgium is a comfortable country to live in and the population can count on decent wages.

This program is suitable:

Travel without a visa

  • The owner of a Belgian residence permit can visit any EU and Schengen country for up to 90 days without obtaining permits.

Increase your income

  • Doing business and working in Belgium is much more profitable than in post-Soviet countries.

Obtain European citizenship

  • After 5 years of legal residence in the country, a resident has the right to apply for Belgian citizenship.

Invest profitably

  • For capital investments of over 400,000 EUR in Belgian enterprises, foreign citizens receive a residence permit.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

An obligatory stage of work with the company is the conclusion of a contract, which guarantees compliance with the conditions of service provision.

Great experience

Specialists have been providing support in solving immigration issues of various complexity for many years.

Guaranteed success

Lawyers take all necessary actions to complete the immigration process with the agreed result.

Personalized support

The company provides assistance, taking into account the specifics of each particular case and the individual goals of the applicant.

Where to start


Consultation with a lawyer

The migration specialist analyzes the client’s case, provides answers to his questions, and recommends a method of immigration.


Preparation of the dossier

Lawyers assist the applicant in properly collecting all documents in accordance with Belgian legislative requirements.


Submission of the request

Accompanied by specialists, the applicant visits the authorized immigration body to submit the dossier.


Receiving the document

At the end of the consideration of the client’s request, he/she is notified of the decision, after which he/she revisits the institution and receives the resident card.


What requirements should be met by a candidate for a Belgian residence permit?

The applicant for a resident card must not have convictions and a ban on entry into EU countries, as well as confirm the presence of rented or own real estate on Belgian territory. It is important to provide authentic documents and information that correspond to reality.

What is the sequence and timing of obtaining a residence permit in Belgium?

Immigration involves the formation of a dossier for a residence permit, obtaining a category D visa at the Belgian consulate or embassy at the place of residence, arrival in the country, visiting the authorized immigration body to submit the dossier, receiving a card after approving the petition. The terms are from 3 months.

What documents should be prepared for the application for a residence permit?

The dossier for a residence permit includes a foreign passport, a photo, a medical insurance policy, a certificate of no criminal record, a document proving the presence of rented or own housing. Also, confirmation of the basis on which a residence permit is requested will be required (certificate of enrollment in a university, employment contract, etc.).

What rights and obligations does a Belgian residence permit grant to its holder?

A Belgian resident has the right to medical care by insurance, official employment, access to banking services, visa-free visits to European countries. The owner of a residence permit needs to timely extend the validity of the permit and comply with the laws of the state.

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Stories from our clients

To obtain permanent residence in Europe, I contacted specialists. They helped me a lot, they made everything really easy. All obligations were fulfilled and the services were inexpensive.


Reviews of permanent residence

I applied for permanent residence with legal support, the specialists turned out to be very attentive, they advised me on all issues in a very detailed and understandable manner.


Reviews of permanent residence

I was ready that obtaining permanent residence will require a lot of effort and time. It's actually not that scary, and the results are worth it.


Reviews of permanent residence


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