Residence permit of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria attracts immigrants from post-Soviet countries due to moderate living costs, low taxation, favorable business conditions, and the opportunity to offer goods and services on the European single market.

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Advantages of obtaining Bulgarian residence permit


Free border crossing

With a Bulgarian residence permit, a foreigner has access to visa-free visits to Romania and Cyprus, as well as multiple entries and exits from Bulgaria.


Increase in income level

Country residents can officially work in prestigious European companies and receive a decent salary.


The possibility of obtaining a passport

After 10 years of legal residence on Bulgarian territory, it is allowed to apply for citizenship.


Quality medical service

With a residence permit and insurance, foreign citizens can seek free medical help in the best clinics in the country.

This program is suitable:

Live in a European country

  • The residence permit is valid for one year with the possibility of its extension an unlimited number of times

Find a prestigious job

  • Living on Bulgarian territory significantly increases the chances of successful employment

Do business

  • When engaging in entrepreneurial activity in Bulgaria, you can offer goods and services on the common European market

Get an EU-recognized diploma

  • A foreign citizen has the right to apply for admission to a Bulgarian university and on the basis of enrollment request a residence permit

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Before starting to provide services, a contract is concluded in which the terms and obligations of the parties are prescribed

Great experience

Company lawyers have impressive experience in the field of immigration and knowledge of current requirements of Bulgarian legislation

Guaranteed result

Migration specialists responsibly approach the conduct of the process and always achieve successful completion of the immigration process.

Individual approach

Lawyers carefully familiarize themselves with the circumstances and details of each case, as well as select the optimal way of moving to Bulgaria.

Where to start



Migration specialists analyze the client’s situation, answer his/her questions, and recommend a suitable immigration option in his/her case.


Preparation of the dossier

Lawyers provide the applicant with assistance in the process of collecting a full package of documents necessary for obtaining a residence permit.


Submission of the application

The client visits the authorized state institution accompanied by specialists and submits a petition.


Obtaining a residence permit

After receiving a notification about the decision on the request, the applicant arrives again at the immigration authority and receives a resident card.


What requirements and conditions exist for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria?

An applicant for a resident card needs to have no criminal record and not commit offenses on the territory of the European Union, provide authentic documents and information that correspond to reality. Also, the applicant needs to confirm the presence of owned or rented real estate in Bulgaria.

What are the procedures and stages of obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria and how long will it take?

The immigration process involves preparing a dossier, opening a category D visa through the nearest Bulgarian embassy or consulate, arriving on it on Bulgarian territory, applying to the immigration authority for a residence permit, receiving a resident card. The procedure takes from 1 month.

What documents and evidence should be provided when applying for a residence permit?

The applicant needs to prepare in advance a foreign passport, photo, certificate of no criminal record, medical insurance policy, proof of residence in Bulgaria. Also required is confirmation of the basis for requesting a resident card - an employment contract, certificate of enrollment in a university or other document.

Can I get a residence permit for family members and what conditions exist for this?

In Bulgaria, it is allowed to apply for a residence permit immediately for the whole family - in this case, it is enough to include in the application besides the main applicant spouse, children or parents who need care. You can also request a residence permit on the basis of family reunification if one of its members is a Bulgarian resident or citizen.

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Stories from our clients

I had Bulgarian ancestors, but the birth certificates are lost. The lawyers were able to find them quickly, so now I am a Bulgarian citizen.


Citizenship Reviews

I shouldn’t have worried that I would be denied in a residence permit. The main thing is to do everything correctly with the documents. To be on the safe side, I applied for a residence permit with legal support.


Reviews about residence permit

My experience of cooperation with Immigrantinlaw is positive. Lawyers even restored a document that had long been lost and was absolutely necessary. The process of obtaining citizenship is at the finish line.


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