Residence permit of Cyprus

Term from 3 months

Cyprus is of interest to many foreigners for starting a business and working due to the high level of wages, low tax rates for resident companies, the opportunity to enter the international market, the simplicity of starting a business and conducting business activities.

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Benefits of obtaining Cypriot residence permit


Visa-free regime

The residence permit holder has multiple crossings of the Cypriot border, as well as free visits to Bulgaria and Romania.


Increase in income

A resident of the country can successfully get a job in a prestigious European company offering a decent salary.


Prospects for obtaining citizenship

Living in the country for more than 7 years allows you to apply for the status of a citizen.


Quality medical care

With an insurance policy, a resident of Cyprus can use the services of the best medical institutions in the country.

This program is suitable:

Move to a European country

  • A residence permit gives its owner the right to a long stay in the state, while the permit can be extended repeatedly.

Engage in business

  • In case of registering a company in the state, you can conduct activities on the European single market, receiving impressive profits.

Get a good job

  • Living in Cyprus, a resident can easily find a high-paying job with career prospects.

Study at a university

  • A foreign citizen can apply for a residence permit based on enrollment in a university and obtain a diploma recognized worldwide.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The contract specifies the obligations of the company, which guarantees their careful observance and the provision of the required result.

Significant experience

All specialists have been providing clients with comprehensive immigration procedure support services for many years.

Result guarantee

Lawyers take all necessary actions for the successful completion of the immigration process to a European country.

Individual approach

Specialists take into account the peculiarities of the client’s situation and his goals, which allows choosing the optimal way of moving.

Where to start



Specialists analyze the applicant’s case, answer his/her questions regarding the procedure and recommend the best immigration option.


Formation of a documents package

Migration specialists assist the client in preparing a dossier, adhering to the legislative requirements of the country.



The applicant visits the authorized migration body accompanied by lawyers and applies for a residence permit.


Obtaining a residence permit

After considering the client’s request, they inform about the decision, he arrives at the institution again and receives a resident card.


What requirements must be met to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus?

The requirements for an applicant for resident status are: no convictions and a ban on entry into the countries of the European Union, the presence of own or rented residential real estate on the territory of Cyprus, the provision of genuine documents and truthful information when applying.

How does the process of obtaining a residence permit in Cyprus go, how long does the procedure take?

The process includes preparing a full package of documents, arranging a category D visa at the embassy or consulate of Cyprus at the place of residence, arriving in the country, applying for resident status at the authorized body, receiving a resident card. The terms are from 3 months.

What documents need to be submitted for a residence permit?

In addition to the application for a resident card, you should submit a foreign passport, a 4.5 x 3.5 cm photo, a medical insurance policy, a certificate of no criminal record, a contract of sale or rental of Cypriot residential real estate, confirmation of the basis for the request for a residence permit.

What rights and obligations does the owner of a resident card receive?

The obligation of a resident of Cyprus is to comply with the laws of the country. A residence permit endows the owner with such rights: access to medical services and banking services, legal residence in the country, official employment and business, education at the universities.

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Stories from our clients

The company has already been checked. Thanks to it, we were able to immigrate as a family, and have now already received permanent residence, with which lawyers also helped us. Thank you very much for everything!


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I collaborated with the company for the first time, but definitely not the last. The lawyers handled their work responsibly, and in the end, I was able to easily obtain a residence permit for employment.


Company reviews

I finally received permanent resident status! It was not very easy, but lawyers helped me to solve many problems and avoid unnecessary difficulties. All I had to do was learning the language.


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