Residence permit of Estonia

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Obtaining a residence permit in Estonia is an opportunity for an immigrant to move to a country with a stable economy and a high standard of living (10th place according to the rating agency Numbeo). The digital services sector is actively developing in the country, and the government regularly allocates funds for the growth of the IT industry.

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Benefits of Estonian residence permit


Visa-free travel

Temporary residents of Estonia can cross the border of any EU and Schengen country, as well as stay on its territory for up to 90 days within six months without obtaining an entry permit.


Access to European medicine

Holders of an Estonian residence permit card and insurance have the right to receive qualified assistance from doctors in local public and private clinics equipped with modern equipment.


Prestigious education

Estonian higher educational institutions are included in the international ranking of the best universities in the world (QS World University Rankings), and university graduates receive European-style diplomas.


Access to electronic public services

Holders of an Estonian residence permit card have access to various public services (company formation, tax payment, declaration submission, banking transactions) online.

This program is suitable:

Increase their income

  • An employed temporary resident of Estonia can claim to receive a monthly salary of the European level - from 1900 EUR and above.

Run a profitable business

  • Company owners in Estonia can carry out entrepreneurial activities not only within the country but also on the common European market.

Obtain EU citizenship

  • Estonia is a member of the European Union, so after obtaining a passport, foreigners acquire all the rights and privileges of the union’s citizens.

Receive social protection

  • Residents of Estonia can claim to receive material assistance from the authorities, for example in the form of pensions, unemployment benefits, disability.

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Why us?

Cooperation by agreement

The agreement specifies all the conditions for providing legal services, which guarantees the successful completion of the immigration process.

Impressive work experience

The company’s specialists have been working in the field of providing migration services for many years, so they know all the nuances and updates of EU legislation.

Result guarantee

Lawyers responsibly approach the fulfillment of their obligations, therefore they ensure the receipt of a residence permit card in the shortest possible time.

Individual strategy

Specialists carefully study the client’s documents and offer him the optimal way of arranging temporary residence in Estonia.

Where to start


Discussion of details.

At the first consultation, the migration specialist studies the client’s request and offers a suitable basis for obtaining an Estonian residence permit card.


Preparation of documents.

International law lawyers form the applicant’s dossier according to the current requirements of Estonian immigration legislation.


Submission of the application.

Accompanied by a specialist, the applicant makes an appointment with a government agency, and then visits the institution to provide documents.


Receiving a residence permit card.

After the application is approved, the client visits the government agency, where he/she is issued a document confirming his temporary residence in Estonia.


What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit card in Estonia?

To become a temporary resident, a foreigner needs to prove the need for a long stay in the country, the absence of a criminal record, the availability of a medical insurance policy, and sufficient funds for staying in the country.

What documents need to be prepared for the request and receipt of a residence permit in Estonia?

The applicant should provide a foreign passport, one photograph, a medical insurance policy, a completed declaration about the nearest family members, and evidence of the need for a long stay in the country (depends on the purpose of stay).

For how long can a residence permit be obtained?

A foreigner can acquire the status of a temporary resident of Estonia for a period of up to 5 years with the possibility of subsequent extension up to 10 years.

Can my family members apply for a residence permit card?

Yes, spouses, children (including adults, provided that they cannot provide for themselves due to their health condition), parents, grandparents have the right to become temporary residents.

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Stories from our clients

I finally moved to Bulgaria and received a residence permit. I dreamed about that for a long time, but I couldn’t spend a lot of my time on the process. It’s good that migration specialists helped.


Reviews about residence permit

The company has already been checked. Thanks to it, we were able to immigrate as a family, and have now already received permanent residence, with which lawyers also helped us. Thank you very much for everything!


Company reviews

Thanks to the lawyers, I was confident that I had made no mistakes when requesting a resident card. I could have tried to do everything myself, but I didn’t risk it.


Reviews of permanent residence


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