Residence permit of France

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Residence Permit of France — it’s an opportunity for immigrants to legally reside in an economically and politically stable European Union state, where the government financially supports the development of startups and attracts foreign investors. Temporary residents of the country can claim high wages, and upon meeting the residence census — citizenship.

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Benefits of French residence permit


Visa-free travel

The holder of a French residence permit has the right to stay up to 3 months within half a year in any Schengen zone and EU country without obtaining an entry permit.


Banking services

Temporary residents of France have access to opening accounts, getting loans, and concluding deposit agreements in local financial institutions of the country.


Access to local clinics

The holder of a French residence permit has the right to be served in the country’s hospitals under a valid insurance policy and receive partial or full compensation for treatment expenses.


Citizenship application

A temporary resident of France can obtain a local passport, bypassing the stage of requesting a permanent residence card, if his total residence time in the country is from 2 to 5 years.

This program is suitable:

Improve their financial situation

  • Temporary residents of France who officially work can claim to receive decent wages — from 2,100 EUR monthly.

Become a holder of a European Union passport

  • After obtaining French citizenship, a foreigner acquires all the rights and obligations of EU citizens, as the country is a member of the union.

Run their own successful business

  • A French entrepreneur has the right to apply for tax benefits and financial assistance from the government to develop their project.

Invest profitably in real estate

  • Prices for apartments and houses in France are lower than in some other EU countries and start from 4,600 EUR per 1 m2 (for comparison, in Germany — from 5,000 EUR per 1 m2).

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Why us?

Conclusion of an agreement

Before starting cooperation, the client signs an official contract with the company, which indicates all the rights and obligations of both parties.

Experience in the international market

Lawyers have been providing services in the field of migration law for many years, so they know all the specifics of the legislation of France and other EU countries.

Guarantee of obtaining a residence permit

Specialists responsibly approach the fulfillment of their duties and successfully complete the process of the client obtaining the status of a temporary resident.

Individual approach

Lawyers carefully study the applicant’s documents, so they develop a personal strategy for obtaining a French temporary resident card.

Where to start


Initial consultation.

The client asks all his questions to the migration specialist, and the lawyer suggests the grounds for requesting a French temporary resident card.


Preparation of the dossier.

The specialist voices to the client a list of required documents for applying for a French residence permit according to the current requirements of the government


Submission of the application.

The migration lawyer accompanies the client during the visit to the French state body and helps to submit a petition for the registration of a local residence permit.


Obtaining status.

After the application is approved, the immigrant applies to the state body where he submitted the application, and during the visit, the institution employee issues him a ready-made residence permit card.


What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in France?

To become a temporary resident, an immigrant needs to find a reason for long-term residence in the country and arrange a long-term visa (VLS-TS). The applicant may also need to request permission to work if he plans to work or do business in the state.

What documents are need to be prepared to obtain a residence permit in France?

A foreigner is required to provide a passport, three photos, a certificate of health, proof of own/rented housing in the state, a receipt for payment of the mandatory fee, and confirmation of the basis for requesting temporary resident status.

What is the validity period of the French residence permit card?

The applicant receives temporary resident status for a year (in some cases immediately for 4 years) with the possibility of multiple extensions if the conditions of his initial registration are maintained.

Can my family members obtain a residence permit?

Yes, the spouse and minor child of the inviting person have the right to apply for temporary resident status. This opportunity is available to close relatives provided that the owner of the residence permit card has been living in France for at least 18 months.

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Stories from our clients

The resident card was processed within the timeframe promised by the lawyers, there were no unforeseen problems or delays during its preparation.


Reviews of permanent residence

We issued a residence permit for the whole family. I am sure that if there were no lawyers, we would definitely have missed important details. The application was approved, we did not make any mistakes.


Reviews about residence permit

Thanks to lawyers, I received my permanent resident card without much effort. Their tips and assistance helped me a lot, and I have never regretted the decision to order their services.


Reviews of permanent residence


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

Submit the application form and we will call you back!


Submit the application form and we will call you back!