Residence permit of Germany

Term from 2 weeks

Foreigners are attracted to the option of moving to Germany due to the country’s advantageous geographical location, company financing, and active state support for business, high level of wages, and stable economic and political situation.

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Benefits of obtaining German residence permit


Visa-free regime

A German resident has the right to freely cross the borders of all countries that are part of the European Union and the Schengen area.


Prospects for obtaining citizenship

After 8 years of legal residence in the country, a resident can apply for German citizenship.


Raising the standard of living

The country has comfortable living conditions, a developed economy, modern medicine, and decent wages.


Access to banking services

The holder of a residence permit can keep money in reliable financial institutions and use credit programs.

This program is suitable:

Travel without a visa

  • The holder of a residence permit is allowed to stay in EU and Schengen countries for up to 90 days without additional documents.

Get a European diploma

  • A foreigner can apply to a German higher education institution and get a residence permit based on enrollment.

Find a profitable job

  • German salaries are considered one of the highest in the EU, and moving to Germany increases the chances of successful employment.

Engage in business

  • A citizen of another country has the opportunity to register a company in Germany, bring goods or services to the pan-European market.

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Why us?

Cooperation by agreement

Before providing services, a contract is concluded, the terms and conditions of which lawyers strictly observe.

Great experience of specialists

All company employees have been providing clients with immigration procedures support services to EU countries for many years.

Guaranteed result

Specialists take all necessary actions for the successful achievement of the applicant’s immigration goal.

Personal assistance

Lawyers analyze each specific case, taking into account its features and all circumstances, recommend the optimal way of immigration.

Where to start


Consultation with a lawyer

Specialists provide the client with answers to questions, study the features of his case and choose the basis for the status request.


Document preparation

Lawyers help the applicant to correctly form a dossier in accordance with the legislative requirements of the country.


Application of a petition

The applicant, accompanied by immigration specialists, visits an authorized state institution and submits a request.


Receiving the document

After considering the client’s application, he/she is notified of the decision, after which he/she revisits the immigration authority and receives a residence permit card.


What requirements and conditions must be met to obtain a residence permit?

The applicant for a resident card in Germany must not have convictions and a ban on entry into EU countries, provide authentic documents and reliable information when applying. Also, it is mandatory to have your own or rented real estate on German territory.

Which type of residence permit is the best for my goals: for work, study or some other option?

Migration specialists individually determine on what basis the client needs to apply for a residence permit: this can be employment, admission to study at a German university, family reunification, investment, business registration. The choice of basis depends on the goals of moving and the circumstances of the applicant.

How does the procedure for obtaining a residence permit take place and how long does it take?

Obtaining a residence permit consists of several stages: preparation of necessary documents, obtaining a category D visa through the consulate or embassy of Germany, arrival in the country, application for a resident card at the authorized migration body, receipt of the document after notification of a positive decision. The terms are from 2 weeks.

Can I get a German residence permit or the whole family?

The applicant can request a residence permit immediately for himself and all family members. It is necessary to indicate the data of the spouse and children in his/her application for a residence permit, and after approval of the request, each of them will receive a residence permit card. There is also an opportunity to request a status based on family reunification if its member is already a resident or citizen of the country.

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Stories from our clients

I thought that I could get permanent residence on my own, but I quickly stacked and realized that I needed the help of specialists. Everything went perfectly with them, without delays.


Reviews of permanent residence

I live in France on the basis of a residence permit, I opened my own business here. There are difficulties, but I have never regretted about my relocation. Many thanks to the immigration specialists!


Reviews about residence permit

I moved to Austria and live there with a residence permit. Immigrantinlaw was very helpful in the procedure for obtaining a card. The lawyers thought everything out to the smallest detail, so the registration went smoothly.


Reviews about residence permit


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