Residence permit of Greece

Term from 2 months

Moving to Greece is an attractive prospect for many foreign citizens due to moderate living costs, a large number of job vacancies in the labor market, high wage levels, and profitable business in the fields of real estate, tourism, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and services.

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Benefits of obtaining Greek residence permit


Free travel across Europe

Residents of Greece have the right to visa-free crossing of the borders of countries that are part of the European Union and the Schengen area.


The possibility of obtaining citizenship

It is allowed to apply for a Greek passport after 7 years of continuous residence in the country.


Quality medical service

The holder of the residence permit can undergo examinations and treatment in the best clinics if there is a medical insurance policy.


Access to the services of financial institutions

A resident of Greece can open personal and corporate accounts in the country’s banks, as well as use beneficial lending programs.

This program is suitable:

Live in a European country

  • A residence permit allows you to legally stay on Greek territory for a year with the possibility of multiple extensions of the permit.

Engage in labor activity

  • A resident can easily find a job with the prospect of career growth in a European company and receive a high salary.

Register a business

  • A foreigner has the opportunity to obtain a residence permit based on the opening of a company and bring the business to the international market.

Travel freely

  • The holder of the residence permit may visit EU and Schengen countries without visas with a stay in them up to 90 days.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The company provides services according to a previously signed contract, which contains all the terms and obligations of the parties.

Significant experience

Migration specialists have been providing clients with assistance in quickly going through the procedures of legal relocation for many years.

Guarantee of success

Lawyers ensure that cooperation ends with the achievement of the client’s immigration goal within the agreed time frame.

Personalized approach

The company’s employees determine a suitable way of immigration taking into account the applicant’s wishes and the specifics of his case.

Where to start



Migration specialists answer the client’s questions, analyze his case, and offer the best option for obtaining residency.


Formation of a dossier

Lawyers provide the applicant with assistance in preparing a full package of documents, complying with the legislative requirements of the country.


Submission of the application

Accompanied by specialists, the client visits an authorized state institution and applies for a residence permit.


Obtaining status

After considering the application, the applicant receives a notification of the decision, then he revisits the migration authority to receive a resident card.


What type of residence permit should I choose in my case?

The selection of the basis for requesting a resident card depends on the client’s goals: this can be studying at a university, employment, business registration, family reunification, investment in the state’s economy. The specialist will recommend a suitable option during the consultation.

What is the process of obtaining a residence permit and what is the time frame for this?

The procedure involves forming a dossier, obtaining a category D visa at the consulate or embassy of Greece at the place of residence, arriving in the country, applying for resident status, and receiving a card. The terms of the immigration process are from 2 months.

What documents and evidence are required to apply for a residence permit in Greece?

With an application for resident status, you should provide a foreign passport, a photo 4.5 x 3.5 cm, a certificate of no criminal record, a medical insurance policy, a document on the purchase or rental of real estate in Greece, confirmation of the basis for requesting a residence permit (for example, a certificate of enrollment in a university).

Is it possible to obtain a residence permit for the whole family?

The main applicant can indicate in the application the members of his family, and all applicants will simultaneously receive resident cards. Also, the option of obtaining a residence permit based on family reunification is allowed if one of its members is already a citizen or resident of Greece.

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Stories from our clients

I finally received permanent resident status! It was not very easy, but lawyers helped me to solve many problems and avoid unnecessary difficulties. All I had to do was learning the language.


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I received a residence permit for family restoration without any problems. To be honest, I was very worried at the beginning, but the company took into account all the details, so there were no difficulties.


Reviews about residence permit

Immigrantinlaw is definitely a company you can trust. With it I went all the way to EU citizenship, the lawyers never made mistakes. I am very grateful to them for their help.


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