Residence permit of Hungary

Term from 3 months

Hungary attracts immigrants due to a stable economic and political situation, constant acceleration and improvement of business processes, low cost of renting and acquiring office and residential premises, acceptable level of taxation. The Hungarian residence permit allows foreigners to officially work, receive education and conduct entrepreneurial activity in the EU country.

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Advantages of obtaining Hungarian residence permit


Visa-free regime

Owners of a residence permit have access to free visits to countries that are part of the European Union and the Schengen area.


Medical services

With insurance, residents of Hungary can turn to the best clinics in the country for checkups and therapy.


Improvement of living standards

Conducting labor activities and business on Hungarian territory allows owners of a residence permit to significantly increase their profit.


Access to banking services

A residence permit provides the right to store money or loan in Hungarian financial institutions on attractive terms.

This program is suitable:

Travel without visas

  • Hungarian residents can freely cross the borders of European countries and stay on their territory for a period of up to 90 days.

Work in a European company

  • Relocation to the country makes it much easier to find prestigious work with the prospect of career growth and decent pay.

Conduct business

  • Hungarian residents have the right to bring their business to the European single market with a guarantee of free movement of goods.

Live in a European country

  • The residence permit is issued for 2 years with the possibility of its extension and subsequent receipt of permanent residence and citizenship of Hungary.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Migration specialists strictly adhere to their obligations and conditions of the contract, which is concluded before providing services.

Many years of experience

Lawyers have been professionally accompanying immigration procedures in European countries for a significant period.

Guarantee of success

Specialists help clients in a minimally short time to go through the immigration process and achieve the expected result.

Personalized services

Professionals take into account the smallest features and circumstances of the case, which allows you to choose the optimal option for immigration.

Where to start



At the first contact, lawyers discuss with the client the nuances of his/her situation and select a suitable way for immigration.


Preparation of the dossier

Thanks to the help of migration specialists, the applicant receives a compiled package of documents for obtaining a residence permit.


Submission of the petition

The applicant, accompanied by lawyers, submits an application for resident status at an authorized state institution in Hungary.


Receiving a document

After receiving a notification about a positive decision, the applicant makes another visit to the immigration authority and picks up a residence permit card.


What requirements and conditions exist for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary?

It is important that an applicant for a residence permit in Hungary does not have criminal records and restrictions on entry into countries that are part of the European Union. Also, the applicant needs to provide authentic documents and information that correspond to reality, have rented or own housing on Hungarian territory.

What kind of residence permit is most suitable for my goals: work, business, study or other?

A residence permit can be obtained on the basis of employment, admission to a university, family reunification, registration of business on Hungarian territory, investment in the economy of the state. Which option to choose depends on the purpose of moving - migration specialists will determine a suitable way during the consultation.

What are the stages of obtaining a residence permit in Hungary and how long do they take?

The applicant needs to form a dossier according to legislative requirements, open a category D visa through the consulate or embassy of Hungary in his country, arrive on Hungarian territory and apply to an authorized immigration authority with a petition for a residence permit, receive a resident card. The procedure takes from 3 months.

What rights and obligations are granted to holders of Hungarian residence permits?

Hungarian residents have access to official employment and business, education in higher educational institutions, medical services in Hungarian clinics by insurance, a full range of banking services, free visits to countries of the European Union and Schengen area. For successful extension of residency, residence permit holders should comply with state laws.

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