Residence permit of Italy

Term from 3 months

A residence permit of Slovenia allows you to legally stay in the territory of the safest European country with a high standard of living for more than 90 days, and cross Slovenian borders an unlimited number of times. A resident card is issued for a year with the possibility of multiple renewals.

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Benefits of obtaining Italian residence permit


Free visit to European countries

The residence permit holder has visa-free crossing of the borders of the states that are part of the European Union and the Schengen area.


Quality medical service

With an insurance, an Italian resident can apply for checkups and treatment in the best clinics in the country.


Significant increase in profits

In Italy, you can easily get a well-paid job and receive impressive income from entrepreneurial activities.


Services of reliable banks

The resident card holder has the right to keep money in reliable financial institutions and use lending programs.

This program is suitable:

Travel without visas

  • An Italian resident can freely visit EU and Schengen countries, and also stay in each of them for up to 90 days.

Register a business

  • A foreigner has access to simple company registration in the country, as well as the opportunity to offer goods and services on the international market.

Get European Union citizenship

  • After legally living in Italy for more than 10 years, it is possible to apply for the status of an Italian citizen.

Move to a European country

  • A residence permit allows you to legally live on Italian territory for a year, as well as repeatedly extend the validity of the permit.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The contract stipulates the conditions for the upcoming support of the procedure, which guarantees their observance by company employees.

Great experience

Migration specialists have been providing support on the path to immigration to European Union countries for many years.

Ensuring the result

Lawyers take a responsible approach to work, so they guarantee the successful achievement of the immigration goal within the agreed time frame.

Personal approach

When providing services, the individual features of the situation and the needs of the client are taken into account, the optimal way of moving is determined.

Where to start


Consultation with lawyers

Specialists answer the applicant’s questions, analyze his situation, and recommend a suitable option for registration status.


Preparation of documents

Lawyers provide assistance in forming a dossier in accordance with the legislative requirements of Italy.


Submission of the request

The applicant, accompanied by specialists, visits the authorized state body and applies for temporary residence.


Obtaining status

After considering the request, a notification of the decision is received, after which the applicant is issued a residence permit card during his repeated visit to the institution.


What are the requirements for applicants for a residence permit in Italy?

The applicant must not have convictions and a ban on entry into any countries of the European Union, provide genuine documents and information corresponding to reality, as well as confirm the presence of their own or rented real estate on Italian territory.

Which type of residence permit is best for my purposes: business, work, or other?

A residence permit can be issued on the basis of employment, business registration, family reunification, admission to a university, investment of funds in the economy of the state. The optimal option is determined depending on the client’s situation.

What documents and evidence are needed to obtain a residence permit in Italy?

The dossier for obtaining a residence permit includes a foreign passport, a 4.5 x 3.5 cm photo, a medical insurance policy, a contract for the purchase or rental of housing, a certificate of no criminal record, confirmation of the basis for the residence permit request (for example, an employment contract, a certificate of enrollment in a university).

Can I get a residence permit for a family?

The applicant in his application for a residence permit can include a spouse and minor children, as a result, all applicants will be able to simultaneously receive resident cards. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit on the basis of family reunification if one of its members is a citizen or resident of Italy.

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Stories from our clients

I finally received permanent resident status! It was not very easy, but lawyers helped me to solve many problems and avoid unnecessary difficulties. All I had to do was learning the language.


Reviews of permanent residence

This is not the first time I have collaborated with this company, and every time I receive excellent service and qualified assistance. I would also like to add that the prices are quite affordable.


Company reviews

I have the best impressions of Immigrantinlaw. Thanks to lawyers, I received a Pole card, and now permanent residence. Next up is citizenship, quite soon.


Company reviews


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