Residence permit of Latvia

Term from 1 week

Moving to Latvia for work and business activities is attractive to foreigners due to the high level of wages, the presence of free economic zones in the country, the possibility of receiving tax benefits, the simplicity of registering a company, and the prospect of its entry into the international market.

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Benefits of obtaining Latvian residence permit


Free travel

The resident card allows you to cross the borders of the European Union and Schengen area countries without a visa.


Improved quality of life

The country is characterized by a stable political situation, a rapidly developing economy, and affordable prices for goods and services.


The opportunity to apply for citizenship

After 10 years of continuous residence in Latvia, you can apply for citizen status.


Modern medical service

A Latvian resident with an insurance policy can seek medical help in the best clinics in the country.

This program is suitable:

Travel without a visa

  • A resident of Latvia has the right to freely visit EU and Schengen countries, and also stay in them for up to 90 days.

Live in a European country

  • The resident card provides the right to legal residence in the country for a year, the permit can be extended multiple times.

Engage in work activities

  • Living in Latvia, a foreign citizen increases the chances of profitable employment in a prestigious company.

Engage in business activities

  • If a company is established in the country, the resident can offer their goods and services on the European single market.

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Thanks to the conclusion of a contract, in which all the conditions and obligations of the company are specified, their careful observance is guaranteed.

Impressive experience

Migration specialists have been providing comprehensive relocation services to EU countries for many years.

Ensuring results

Lawyers perform all the tasks set for the proper completion of the immigration process within the agreed time frame.

Personalized help

During the work, specialists take into account the peculiarities of the applicant’s case and his needs, which allows choosing the optimal way of relocation.

Where to start



During the conversation, lawyers analyze the client’s case, answer his/her questions, and voice a suitable immigration option.


Formation of the dossier

Specialists provide the applicant with assistance in collecting a package of documents, adhering to the legislative requirements of the country.


Submission of the petition

Employees accompany the applicant when visiting the authorized migration body to submit an application for status.


Obtaining permission

Upon receipt of the notification of the decision, the client revisits the state institution, where he/she gets a resident card.


What are the requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia?

To apply for a residence permit, the applicant must not have any criminal convictions or bans on entry into EU countries, must confirm the presence of their own or rented housing in Latvia, and must also provide genuine documents and information that corresponds to reality when applying.

Which type of residence permit should I choose for my purposes?

You can apply for a resident card based on employment, education at a higher educational institution, business registration, investment in the economy of Latvia, family reunification. Migration specialists determine the optimal option depending on the goals and situation of the applicant.

How does the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Latvia take place?

The process of obtaining a residence permit involves collecting a package of documents, obtaining a category D visa at the consulate or embassy of Latvia at the place of residence, arriving on Latvian territory, applying for status at the migration authority of the country, receiving a resident card. The procedure takes from 1 week.

Can I get a residence permit for family members?

In the application for a residence permit, you can immediately indicate the members of your family, and as a result, all applicants will receive resident cards in one day. There is also an option to apply for status based on family reunification - it is relevant when one of its members is already a citizen or resident of the state.

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I recently received Slovenian citizenship, the whole procedure was accompanied by the company's lawyers, which makes me very happy, because I had avoided a lot of trouble.


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Thanks to lawyers, I received my permanent resident card without much effort. Their tips and assistance helped me a lot, and I have never regretted the decision to order their services.


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Thanks to the lawyers, I was confident that I had made no mistakes when requesting a resident card. I could have tried to do everything myself, but I didn’t risk it.


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