Residence permit of Poland

Term from 3 months

Poland is characterized by a stable economic situation, an optimal tax system, a decent level of wages, moderate real estate prices, which is why many foreigners move to the country for work or business. A Polish residence permit allows you to cross the state border an unlimited number of times during the validity period of the residence card.

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Advantages of obtaining Polish residence permit


Visa-free regime

For visiting all European Union and Schengen countries, the residence permit holder does not need to apply for visas.


Living in a European state

With a residence permit, a foreigner can legally live on Polish territory for more than 90 days, the card’s validity can be extended repeatedly.


Modern medical service

Provided that there is a medical insurance policy, the resident has the right to seek treatment in the best Polish clinics.


Improvement of living standards

In Poland, there is a decent wage and favorable conditions for doing business, as well as moderate living expenses.

This program is suitable:

Live in a European country

  • During the validity period of the residence permit, the resident can legally stay on the territory of Poland with the possibility of subsequent naturalization

Travel freely

  • The resident card provides access to visa-free visits to all EU and Schengen countries

Successfully get a job

  • Moving to Poland significantly increases the chances of finding a promising job in a European company and receiving a decent salary

Do business

  • In case of registering a company on Polish territory, entrepreneurs can offer their goods and services on the European single market

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Why us?

Official cooperation

Migration specialists provide services according to the contract, which stipulates all conditions and obligations of the parties

High qualification

Each lawyer on the company’s staff has many years of experience in accompanying immigration procedures and knows legislative requirements.

Ensuring success

Specialists are characterized by a responsible attitude to work, therefore they guarantee successful achievement of immigration goals.

Personalized help

Lawyers carefully analyze a specific case, taking into account its features, they select the optimal way of moving.

Where to start


Consultation with a lawyer

The specialist discusses with the client the nuances of his/her case, answers questions regarding immigration and recommends the best way to move.


Preparation of dossier

Specialists provide the client with assistance in collecting a package of documents provided by the country’s legislation.


Application submission

The applicant visits an authorized migration body accompanied by specialists and submits a request for registration of a residence permit.


Receiving a resident card

After notification about the decision on the application, the client makes another visit to the state institution and receives a document.


Which type of residence permit is better to choose: for work, study at university or some other?

A residence permit can be issued on the basis of employment, registration of a company in Poland, admission to an educational institution, reunification with family. The choice of a suitable method depends on the applicant’s goals and circumstances, so lawyers determine the optimal option during consultation.

In what order does obtaining a residence permit take place? What are the deadlines for procedures?

The applicant needs to prepare a full package of documents, including confirmation of grounds for requesting residency. Then a long-term visa is issued, with which he arrives on Polish territory and applies to an authorized migration body with an application. After considering his request he receives his resident card. The term for processing residency is from 3 months.

What is included in the package of documents for residency?

The dossier for obtaining residency includes an international passport, photo, medical insurance policy, certificate of no criminal record, confirmation of ownership or rented real estate on Polish territory. Also required is proof of grounds for requesting residency - for example, an employment contract.

Which rights and obligations I will have after an obtaining of Polish residence permit?

A resident of Poland is required to comply with the laws of the country and timely renew the residence permit. The card holder has the right to legal residence in the state, visa-free visits to European countries, official employment, doing business, studying at universities, receiving medical care, and banking services.

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There were no problems with obtaining a passport. Thanks to the help of experts, everything went perfectly. I don't think it would have been possible without the right support.


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I received a residence permit for family restoration without any problems. To be honest, I was very worried at the beginning, but the company took into account all the details, so there were no difficulties.


Reviews about residence permit

We obtained a residence permit for the whole family very fast, for that we are very grateful to the company’s lawyers. We obviously wouldn’t have been able to cope with this by ourselves, because lack of knowledge about the procedure.


Reviews about residence permit


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