Residence permit of Romania

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Romania is an EU country with a steadily growing economy, which makes it attractive to businessmen and individuals seeking to increase their income. The state is characterized by low levels of unemployment and taxation, affordable housing prices and comfortable living conditions.

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Advantages of obtaining Romanian residence permit


Visa-free trips

A Romanian residence permit allows its holder to visit Bulgaria and Cyprus without hindrance, and to cross the Romanian border multiple times.


Access to medical services

Country residents with insurance can undergo examinations and treatment in the best state clinics for free.


Prospects for obtaining citizenship

Legal residence in Romania for at least 8 years gives the right to apply for a Romanian passport.


High standard of living

The country has favorable conditions for doing business, as well as decent wages with low living expenses.

This program is suitable:

Live in a European country

  • A residence permit allows you to legally stay on Romanian territory for a year, and it can be extended repeatedly

Increase your own income

  • Salaries in Romania are much higher than in Russia and other post-Soviet countries, and it is quite easy to find a promising job

Engage in entrepreneurial activity

  • When registering a business in Romanian jurisdiction, there is an opportunity to offer your goods and services on the common European market

Invest profitably

  • In Romania, you can make returnable capital investments in enterprises of various fields of activity

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Why us?

Cooperation by agreement

A contract is necessarily concluded, and when providing services, migration specialists carefully observe the conditions prescribed in it.

Significant experience

Each lawyer on the company’s staff has been accompanying immigration procedures for many years and knows current legislative requirements.

Personalized support

Lawyers take into account the features and nuances of each specific case, which allows you to choose the optimal option for immigration.

Guarantee of result

Migration specialists have a responsible attitude towards work and always achieve successful completion of the process according to agreements.

Where to start


Consultation with a specialist

The lawyer informs the client in detail about the features of the upcoming procedure, answers his questions and finds out a suitable way to move to Romania.


Formation of dossier

Migration specialists provide the applicant with assistance in properly preparing a full package of necessary documents.


Application submission

The client visits an authorized institution on Romanian territory accompanied by lawyers and submits a request for status registration.


Receiving a resident card

The applicant is notified about the decision on the request, he makes a visit to the state body and receives a document.


Which type of residence permit is most suitable for my purposes: work, business, study or other?

During consultation, the migration specialist individually determines on what basis the client should request a residence permit. The method will depend on the applicant’s immigration goal, since for obtaining a card and extending its validity in the future, documentary confirmation of the specified basis is required.

What are the procedures and stages of obtaining a Romanian residence permit and how long will it take?

Registration of a residence permit implies collection of required documents, obtaining a category D visa at the consulate or embassy of Romania at the place of residence, arrival on the territory of the country, submission of dossier and application to an authorized migration body, waiting for decision and receiving resident card. The duration of process is from 3 months.

What documents and evidence should be provided when applying for residency?

The dossier for requesting residency includes an international passport, photo 4.5 x 3.5 cm, certificate of no criminal record, medical insurance policy, proof of ownership or rented housing on Romanian territory. Also required is documentary confirmation of grounds for registration of residency.

What rights and obligations are granted to holders of Romanian residency cards?

A resident of the country has the right to work and do business, study at higher educational institutions, seek medical help, a full range of banking services, and unlimited purchase of real estate. As for responsibilities, the resident is required to comply with the current legislation of the country.

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I was able to obtain a residence permit easily, no additional problems had arisen. It is not a fact that everything would be so trouble-free without lawyers, so I recommend not to take risks.


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I recently received Slovenian citizenship, the whole procedure was accompanied by the company's lawyers, which makes me very happy, because I had avoided a lot of trouble.


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I have the best impressions of Immigrantinlaw. Thanks to lawyers, I received a Pole card, and now permanent residence. Next up is citizenship, quite soon.


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