Residence permit of Slovenia

Term from 3 months

A residence permit of Slovenia allows you to legally stay in the territory of the safest European country with a high standard of living for more than 90 days, and cross Slovenian borders an unlimited number of times. A resident card is issued for a year with the possibility of multiple renewals.

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Advantages of obtaining Slovenian residence permit


Free border crossing

The holder of a resident card can travel visa-free throughout the European Union and the Schengen area.


Access to medical services

With an insurance policy, a residence permit allows you to undergo medical examinations and treatment for free in state clinics.


Possibility of applying for citizenship

After 10 years of legal residence in the country, a resident has the right to apply for citizenship.


Attractive business conditions

If you register your company in Slovenia, you can receive maximum profit by working on the European single market.

This program is suitable:

Travel without visas

  • A residence permit holder can visit European countries freely and stay there for up to 90 days

Improve their standard of living

  • Slovenia is an economically and socially developed country with comfortable living conditions

Find profitable work

  • Moving to a European country significantly increases your chances of finding a lucrative job in a promising company

Obtain European education

  • A foreigner can submit documents to a Slovenian university and after enrollment obtain a residence permit

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Why us?

Official cooperation

The company concludes a contract with clients that clearly defines the terms of service provision and the obligations of the parties, which are carefully observed.

Many years of experience

Migration specialists have been providing legal support services for immigration procedures for a long time.

Guaranteed success

Lawyers take action to ensure successful completion of the immigration process.

Individual approach

Professionals take into account the nuances and features of each case, which allows you to choose the optimal way of moving to Slovenia.

Where to start


Contacting the company

The migration specialist discusses with the client the specifics of his situation, provides answers to questions and finds out the suitable option for moving.


Preparation of the dossier

Lawyers, taking into account the requirements of legislation, provide the applicant with assistance in collecting all necessary documents for obtaining a residence permit.


Submission of application

The applicant arrives at an authorized immigration agency in Slovenia accompanied by specialists and submits a request for a residence permit.


Receiving document

After reviewing the client’s application, they are notified of the decision, after which he makes another visit to the institution and receives a resident card.


What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia?

You can apply for a residence permit if there are no convictions and bans on visiting European Union countries. Also, the applicant needs to provide relevant information about the basis for immigration and authentic documents, have enough financial means, own or rented housing in Slovenia.

What are the procedures and stages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovenia and how long does it take?

The immigration process includes preparing documents, obtaining a D-category visa, arriving on its territory, submitting an application to an authorized state institution, waiting for a decision and receiving a residence permit if the request is approved. The procedure takes from 3 months.

What documents and evidence need to be provided when applying for a residence permit?

The dossier for obtaining a resident card includes a foreign passport, photo 4.5 x 3.5 cm, lease or sale-purchase agreement of real estate, medical insurance policy, bank account statement. Also prepare a document confirming the basis of the request for a residence permit (for example, an employment contract or certificate of enrollment in university).

What rights and obligations are granted to holders of a residence permit in Slovenia?

A resident of Slovenia must comply with the laws of the country and timely extend their residence permit. The card endows its owner with the right to legally live and work in the country, engage in business activities, receive medical care, use all services of financial institutions, travel to other European countries without visas.

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I received second citizenship stunningly quickly. It’s good that a friend advised me to contact lawyers, and not act on my own. I`ve met really good specialists on my way.


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My experience of cooperation with Immigrantinlaw is positive. Lawyers even restored a document that had long been lost and was absolutely necessary. The process of obtaining citizenship is at the finish line.


Company reviews

I knew little about the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, only in general terms. Therefore, the fact that the procedure was accompanied by lawyers helped a lot to obtain a resident card.


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