Residence permit of Spain

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Foreigners prefer to move to Spain for employment, business, and education, as the country has a high level of economic and social development, and the authorities support the integration of immigrants. Applicants have access to decent wages, easy business registration, and quality education, as well as the opportunity to obtain a residence permit on these grounds.

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Benefits of obtaining Spanish residence permit


Visa-free border crossing

The resident card allows free visits to all countries that are part of the European Union and the Schengen area.


Prospects for obtaining a passport

Living in the country for at least 10 years provides the right to claim Spanish citizenship through naturalization.


Modern medical service

A resident of Spain, having a medical insurance policy, can use the services of the best Spanish clinics.


Improving the quality of life

In the country, you can get a job in a European company, guaranteeing a high salary and career prospects.

This program is suitable:

Travel freely

  • The resident can visit European countries without visas and stay there for up to 90 days.

Do business in Europe

  • After registering a company on Spanish territory, you can offer goods or services on the European single market.

Earn a decent income

  • The level of wages in Spain is much higher than in the countries of the post-Soviet space, there is a wide variety of vacancies.

Live in a European state

  • The residence permit is valid for one year, it is allowed to extend it for the same period an unlimited number of times.

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Why us?

Cooperation by contract

The agreement stipulates the conditions for providing legal services, which guarantees the achievement of the immigration goal.

Significant experience

Specialists have been working in the field of accompanying the immigration process of applicants to European countries for many years.

Guarantee of success

Lawyers take all necessary actions to ensure the completion of the procedure according to the specifics of the client’s situation.

Personalized approach

When providing services, individual nuances of a particular case are taken into account and the optimal option for immigration is determined.

Where to start



Specialists familiarize themselves with the client’s situation, provide answers to his/her questions, and determine a suitable way of immigration.


Preparation of the dossier

Lawyers help to form a complete package of documents in accordance with the legislative requirements of Spain.


Filing a petition

Migration specialists accompany the applicant when visiting the authorized body and submitting documents.


Receiving a resident card

After receiving a notification of consideration of the request, the client makes another visit to the institution, where he/she is issued a residence permit card.


What requirements must an applicant for a Spanish residence permit meet?

For a successful procedure, the applicant must not have a criminal record and a ban on entry into EU countries, provide authentic documents and information corresponding to reality, as well as confirm the availability of own or rented housing in Spain.

Which type of residence permit should be chosen: for work, study, or another option?

A residence permit can be requested on the basis of employment, business registration, investment in the country’s economy, family reunification, admission to a university. Migration specialists, taking into account the goals and needs of the client, will recommend a suitable option.

How does the process of obtaining a Spanish residence permit take place, how long does the procedure take?

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit includes the preparation of documents, obtaining a D-category visa at the consulate or embassy, arrival in Spain, application to the migration authority to apply for a residence permit, and obtaining a resident card. The procedure takes about 2 months.

What rights and obligations does the holder of a residence permit receive?

The resident card provides its holder with the right to medical care under insurance, unlimited access to banking services, the opportunity to officially work, visit EU and Schengen countries without a visa. The resident must comply with the laws of Spain.

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Stories from our clients

I received second citizenship stunningly quickly. It’s good that a friend advised me to contact lawyers, and not act on my own. I`ve met really good specialists on my way.


Citizenship Reviews

I knew little about the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, only in general terms. Therefore, the fact that the procedure was accompanied by lawyers helped a lot to obtain a resident card.


Reviews of permanent residence

I finally received permanent resident status! It was not very easy, but lawyers helped me to solve many problems and avoid unnecessary difficulties. All I had to do was learning the language.


Reviews of permanent residence


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