Residence permit of Sweden

Term from 3 months

With a residence permit of Sweden, an immigrant can legally reside in a European Union country with a high standard of living, a developed economy, and full social support. Residents have access to quality healthcare, free municipal services, and can expect to receive decent wages.

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Benefits of Swedish residence permit


Visa-free travel

Temporary residents of Sweden can stay in any European Union and Schengen area country without obtaining permits for up to 3 months every six months.


Access to local banks

Swedish residence permit holders have the right to be serviced in local financial institutions, for example, to take out mortgage loans at favorable interest rates (from 4.5% per annum).


Running a profitable business

Temporary residents of Sweden have access to entrepreneurial activities not only in the country but also in the internal market of the European Union.


Improving well-being

According to data from the rating agency Numbeo, Sweden ranks 12th in terms of population living standards, surpassing some EU countries, for example, Belgium, Portugal, France.

This program is suitable:

Increase an income

  • The monthly average salary of qualified specialists is about 3,400 EUR, which is much higher than in other EU countries.

Acquire real estate

  • Apartment and house prices in Sweden are lower than in other European Union countries: the cost of 1 m2 depending on the region of the country starts from 1,800 EUR.

Get a prestigious education

  • Swedish universities are included in the ranking of the best world universities (QS World University Rankings), and graduates receive diplomas of international standard.

Get a European Union passport

  • Sweden is a member of the association, and after the naturalization process is completed (after 8 years), the immigrant becomes a full-fledged EU citizen.

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Why us?

Contract conclusion

Before starting cooperation, an official bilateral agreement is signed, which specifies the terms and conditions of the service.

Rich work experience

Migration specialists take into account all current legislative requirements and nuances of cooperation with government agencies.

Success guarantee

Lawyers responsibly approach the performance of their duties, therefore they ensure the successful receipt of a residence card by the client.

Individual approach

The company’s lawyers study the client’s situation in detail and select the most suitable basis for applying for a Swedish residence permit.

Where to start


Discussing details.

At the first consultation, the migration specialist analyzes the client’s request and offers an option for obtaining a Swedish residence permit card.


Document preparation.

The client provides the specialist with the required documents, and the lawyer forms a dossier for its submission to the Swedish authorized department.


Filing a petition.

Accompanied by an international law lawyer, the client visits the Swedish government agency to provide the originals of the documents.


Receiving a residence permit card.

After considering the request, the immigrant is issued a ready-made document confirming his temporary residence in Sweden.


What are the conditions for obtaining a Swedish residence permit card?

To become a temporary resident, an immigrant needs to prove the need for a long stay in the country, the availability of sufficient funds for living in the country, and a valid medical insurance policy.

What documents need to be provided to obtain a Swedish residence permit?

The basic dossier of an immigrant consists of a foreign passport, income certificate (or bank statement), insurance policy, receipt for payment of the mandatory state fee, and confirmation of the purpose of a long stay in the country.

What is the minimum income that an applicant for a Swedish residence permit needs to demonstrate?

In 2023, an immigrant should prove that he receives at least 1,150 EUR (13,000 SEK) per month.

What rights are granted to holders of a Swedish residence permit card?

Temporary residents can legally reside in the country, travel without a visa to EU and Schengen area countries, get a job in local companies, and do business (provided they have a work permit).

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Stories from our clients

The resident card was processed within the timeframe promised by the lawyers, there were no unforeseen problems or delays during its preparation.


Reviews of permanent residence

I have long dreamed of Europe, and finally the dream has come true. I moved for work and received a residence permit quite quickly. I contacted lawyers and they helped a lot.


Reviews about residence permit

I received second citizenship stunningly quickly. It’s good that a friend advised me to contact lawyers, and not act on my own. I`ve met really good specialists on my way.


Citizenship Reviews


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

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Submit the application form and we will call you back!