Citizenship of Cyprus

Term from 8 months

Cyprus is the main tourist island in Europe with many attractions and a pleasant Mediterranean climate, a member of the EU, OSCE, WTO. Immigrants apply for local citizenship to live in a low-tax country, gain the right to move to European Union countries with simplified access to the labor market and profitable business conduct.

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Benefits of obtaining Cyprus citizenship


Visa-free trips to 160+ world countries

A citizen of Cyprus has the opportunity to travel without opening an entry permit to developed countries of the planet, including Canada, Australia, UAE, Japan, as well as all countries of Europe.


Access to European education

As a citizen of the European Union, the owner of a Cypriot passport has the right to claim places in the best universities of the union on a free basis or at a reduced cost for EU members.


Service in the best clinics in Europe

A Cypriot citizen with medical insurance issued at special rates for local residents can seek professional help in any hospitals in the EU.


Immigration to a European country with family members

The owner of a Cypriot passport has the opportunity to invite his/her spouse and children to live together or move with them to any EU country they like.

This program is suitable:


  • Tourists who plan to travel to popular countries of the planet without applying for visas.


  • Entrepreneurs wishing to open a company in Europe with a reduced tax burden.


  • Relatives and partners who plan to move together to a developed country.


  • Persons who want to get a diploma that is in demand all over the world at the expense of the state.

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Why us?

Conclusion of an official contract

Before starting cooperation, the parties sign a document in which the obligations of the company, the terms of their fulfillment, and the final cost of the service are specified.

Professional services

Experienced international law specialists work at Immigrantinlaw, who thoroughly understand the specifics of European legislation.

Guarantee of achieving the result

The applicant is helped to achieve the requested status or document by step-by-step support of the assigned specialist, from collecting the dossier to issuing a European Union passport.

Individual programs

Professionals in the field of jurisprudence personally analyze the request of each applicant and recommend optimal options for obtaining European citizenship in a short time.

Where to start


Consultation with a specialist

The representative of Immigrantinlaw finds out the client’s expectations and plans for immigration, selects suitable relocation programs, talks about the advantages of each of them, and answers emerging questions.


Preparation of documents

The assigned lawyer forms a dossier for applying for status (passport, civil status certificates), conducts archival work in search of missing documents, organizes translation and apostille.


Filing a petition

The international law specialist registers the client for an appointment in the authorized state body, prepares for communication with employees and accompanies the reception to apply for citizenship.


Receiving documents

After approval of the petition and entry into the rights of a citizen of the European Union, the applicant together with the assigned lawyer issues an ID card, and a foreign passport of the EU country, as well as other internal documents.

Documents you will receive

ID card

International passport

Driver's license


How long does the process of obtaining Cypriot citizenship take and what stages does this process include?

The standard naturalization procedure in Cyprus takes from 7 years. The process includes the initial registration of a residence permit, its extension, obtaining permanent residence, and applying for citizenship. International law lawyers recommend applicants more optimal options for acquiring a European Union passport with the acquisition of all the rights of Cypriot citizens within 8 months.

Do I need to renounce my current citizenship?

According to the laws of Cyprus, a foreigner can issue a passport in the territory of the state and keep a similar identity card at home. The applicant needs to make sure in advance that his native country allows multiple citizenship.

Does it matter which EU country I choose to obtain citizenship?

Citizens of the European Union are equal among themselves in the ability to choose any of the union countries as a place of permanent residence. The applicant can issue a passport of a suitable EU state through a simplified procedure with the support of migration specialists, after which move to Cyprus and get the basic rights of a local citizen.

How can I get citizenship for the whole family?

Minor children can be included in the parent application for European Union citizenship. The spouse and close relatives of the immigrant (for example, dependent parents) have the opportunity to move to the EU territory and arrange the status of a resident, after which they can apply for a local passport through the standard or shortened naturalization procedure.

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Stories from our clients

I expected that the registration of citizenship would be a difficult process, but everything turned out to be relatively simple. In many respects, of course, thanks to lawyers.


Citizenship Reviews

It's good that I decided to submit direct here, and did not apply for citizenship by myself. Regarding the result, everything is great, I didn’t spend a lot of money, but I got the result quickly. There is also a bonus as citizenship for the child.


Citizenship Reviews

The process of obtaining citizenship went quickly and smoothly, without unforeseen problems. Definitively, the specialists did an excellent job.


Citizenship Reviews


new opportunities
with a European Union passport!

Submit the application form and we will call you back!


Submit the application form and we will call you back!