Permanent residence of Belgium

Term from 3 months

Belgium is one of the firs countries which has joined the European Union. Permanent residents of the state can count on receiving high salaries. Belgium also offers many opportunities for business development. Permanent residents are entitled to receive quality education, as well as to be served in clinics equipped with modern medical equipment.

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Advantages of Belgian permanent residence


Opened EU borders

The permanent resident does not need to issue permits if he plans to stay in the territory of the European Union for up to 3 months.


High salaries

A Belgian permanent resident can get a job in a local company and receive a monthly salary of 5,500 EUR.


Obtaining citizenship

If the total period of residence of an immigrant in Belgium is from 5 years, he can apply for a local passport.


Quality medicine

Belgian doctors work according to international protocols, while hospitals are equipped with modern medical equipment.

This program is suitable:

Get a job

  • There is a demand in Belgium for specialists in the fields of IT, medicine, construction - representatives of these professions can count on receiving high salaries.

Have access to medicine

  • In Belgian clinics, permanent resident card holders can receive qualified assistance from specialists, as well as undergo examination on modern equipment.

Use bank services

  • Permanent resident card holders in Belgium have the right to open accounts in local financial institutions, as well as to take out loans when confirming the source of income.

Get an education

  • Belgian universities are considered some of the most prestigious in the EU, as they annually occupy high lines in international rankings, such as QS World University Rankings.

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Why us?

Personalized services

The company’s lawyers carefully study the client’s situation, provide him/her with complete information on the requirements for applicants for permanent residence in Belgium.

Many years of experience

Specialists have been working in the field of migration services for a long time, so they know the nuances of EU migration legislation.

Conclusion of the contract

Before starting cooperation, the client signs a contract, which indicates his rights, as well as the obligations of the migration lawyer.

Guarantee of result

Specialists approach their work responsibly, so the client receives a positive decision on his application for Belgian permanent residence.

Where to start



An international law specialist informs the client about issues related to obtaining permanent resident status in Belgium.


Preparation of the dossier

The company’s migration lawyer forms a package of client documents, adhering to the current requirements of the country’s legislation.


Application submission

The client, accompanied by an international law specialist, applies for a Belgian permanent resident card.


Receiving the document

The client receives a notification about a positive decision to assign him the status of a resident, after which he receives a permanent residence card.


What documents are required to obtain a permanent residence permit of Belgium?

The immigrant needs to form a dossier from the old resident card (temporary residence permit) and a recent photo. When applying, the foreigner needs to give fingerprints and provide a digital signature.

What requirements and conditions exist for obtaining a Belgian permanent residence?

To arrange a permanent resident card, an adult applicant needs to live in the country with a temporary residence permit for at least 5 years, and a minor immigrant - at least 3 years.

What is the validity period of a Belgian permanent residence permit?

A foreigner who has received the status of a permanent resident has the right to live in the country indefinitely. At the same time, the applicant needs to renew the permanent residence card every 5 years.

What rights and obligations are granted to permanent residents of Belgium?

Permanent residents of the country can receive free education in local educational institutions, as well as work, do business in the country. The duties of permanent resident card holders include paying taxes and complying with Belgian law.

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I moved to Austria and live there with a residence permit. Immigrantinlaw was very helpful in the procedure for obtaining a card. The lawyers thought everything out to the smallest detail, so the registration went smoothly.


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I finally became a European citizen. What I can recommend: the services of lawyers are necessary, it’s hard to cope without them, because there are many nuances.


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