Finnish citizenship

Finnish citizenship

Citizenship of Finland is a legal relationship between an individual and the state, established by law, which is expressed in the mutual presence of corresponding rights and privileges. You can obtain a passport of the Northern European country within the framework of standard or accelerated naturalization, through marriage, as recognized refugees. If a foreigner has Finnish roots, he/she can claim to participate in the re-emigration (repatriation) program. The laws of the Republic of Finland (Suomen Tasavalta) do not prohibit multiple citizenship.

A Finnish passport is a document that allows you to permanently reside in an economically developed country with an average salary of 3000 EUR, low inflation, and a high standard of living for the population. The Republic is in demand among immigrants thanks to quality medicine, developed social support for citizens, promising conditions for doing business, the availability of higher education paid by the state. Also, a Finnish passport allows the owner to move to another EU country for permanent residence, and travel to the Schengen area without a visa.

You can obtain the rights of a Finnish citizen with a passport from any of the EU countries, including those issued through an available simplified procedure. You can analyze the chances of obtaining a second citizenship with the help of dedicated lawyers.

Opportunities of the citizens with Finnish passport

The holder of a Finnish citizen`s passport gets access to the following privileges:

  • free visit to 176 world states, including all territories of Europe and South America, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand;
  • living in Finland, which repeatedly and annually tops the independent UN World Happiness Report as the happiest country in the world;
  • the prospect of family immigration together with close relatives (spouses, children, parents) and the arrangement of European residence or passport for them;
  • a full social package, which includes assistance with integration into society, financial grants according to status, state-guaranteed protection on its territory and abroad;
  • unlimited access to quality European medicine, in-demand higher education, banking sector services (including international transfers);
  • civil rights of a member of the European Union, including the opportunity to immigrate to any EU country for permanent residence with the right to work, study, do business.

Law on citizenship

The legal basis of Finland in relation to passport registration is represented by the national law “On Citizenship” (Kansalaisuuslaki) under registration number 16.5.2003/359. The document lists the conditions and ways of obtaining citizen status, controlling bodies, features of the republic’s migration policy. Additional requirements and nuances for naturalized immigrants are also presented in the national law Ulkomaalaislaki - “On Foreigners” under registration number 30.4.2004/301.

Special aspects of obtaining Finnish citizenship

Finnish citizenship is automatically assigned by birth. Children can claim the status if at least one of their parents has a passport of the republic. Citizenship is also granted to a child whose origin is unknown or who was born in a family of stateless persons (persons without civic affiliation). For foreigners, it is impossible to give birth to a child and arrange a Finnish passport. The right of soil in the country does not work: children receive the citizenship of their parents.

Foreigners, in whose family up to the third generation were Finns, can arrange local permanent residence, bypassing the stage of opening a residence permit, which reduces the census of sedentary (period of preliminary residence) for subsequent obtaining of citizenship. Immediately receive a passport on the application are entitled to those who previously owned this document and lost it due to circumstances of insurmountable force. Citizenship is also issued for special merits by the decision of government bodies, without fulfilling the conditions of sedentary and accompanying requirements of naturalization.

Most foreigners arrange the status of a citizen of Finland within the framework of standard naturalization. A passport is issued to adults who have completed a 5-year or more sedentary census, have no convictions, speak freely in Finnish or Swedish, and are able to provide for themselves. The residence permit of Finland is counted in the period of residence only halfway, therefore naturalization in general order takes in fact from seven years from the moment of moving. The period of stay is reduced to 4 years for spouses of Finns and recognized refugees.

Grounds for obtaining citizenship

The following are common ways to obtain a Finnish passport:

  • Employment

Foreign specialists who sign an employment contract with an organization registered in the republic have the right to immigrate to Finland. The applicant can perform tasks according to his education and professional experience, which is confirmed documentarily, for example, with a diploma. Narrowly qualified specialists have the right to count on the EU Blue Card - a resident document with expanded powers, for example, immigration immediately with family members. The possibility of naturalization also exists in the case of intra-corporate transfer, long-term business trip or internship, within the framework of international agreements. A separate immigration residence permit is issued for working as a foreign journalist, coach, athlete, representative of the field of culture and arts, teacher.

  • Education

An immigration residence permit is granted to those who become a student of a Finnish higher education institution. The document is also issued for participants in international exchange programs between universities, graduate students, doctoral students, candidates for a scientific degree. The applicant will need to prove that he is able to provide for himself and pay for his education.

  • Business

Naturalization in Finland is possible for foreigners who open a company in the republic. The prospect of the project and the check for the reliability of the applicant is carried out by the national Center for Economics, Transport and the Environment. If an immigrant has a startup interesting for the republic, he can count on support from the Innovative Financial Center Business Finland to implement the project and obtain a residence permit. There are no direct programs for obtaining a residence permit for investments in Finland.

  • Marriage

Accelerated naturalization is due to legal spouses of Finns. An immigrant can enter citizenship 4 years after moving, provided that the family union was concluded at least 3 years ago. During the specified period, a foreigner can be absent in the republic for up to 6 months in a row, except for exceptional cases. Other conditions for naturalization through marriage are preserved.

  • Family reunification

Citizens of Finland, owners of local permanent residence and immigration residence permit can invite family members to live together. The right to move and subsequent naturalization is available to spouses, minor and unmarried children, parents (if the host side is under 18). As an exception, immigration of other relatives is possible, for example, if they need care. Reunification with a Finnish citizen allows a foreigner to immediately arrange a permanent residence of the republic, which reduces the term of naturalization.

  • Scientific research

Moving to Finland is available to foreign researchers who come to the country to perform professional tasks at the invitation of a local accredited institution (Research Institute). If the applicant signs an employment contract, his salary must be from 1400 EUR gross per month. With independent financial support, the researcher is obliged to have with him from 1000 EUR for each month of stay in the country.

  • Religious activity

Clergy who come to Finland at the invitation of a recognized church have the opportunity to subsequently naturalize in the country. A foreigner must be an official religious figure, and his move must be justified by a corresponding document, for example, a letter from the host side.

  • Refugee

Like other EU countries, Finland accepts foreigners who need protection and cannot get it at home. You can arrange asylum if you prove that discriminatory actions are applied against the applicant in his home country. Naturalization for this category of applicants takes place 4 years after moving, subject to other conditions, except for demonstrating financial security.

  • Repatriation

There is no direct procedure for obtaining a Finnish passport by origin. Repatriates have the opportunity to obtain the status of permanent residents of the republic if they documentarily prove their ethnic affiliation to its people. The owner of a permanent residence permit has the opportunity to apply for citizenship 5 calendar years after moving, and not through 7 or more, as in the case with a temporary residence permit.

  • Citizenship of Scandinavian countries

A foreigner with a passport of Iceland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway has the right to obtain residency in Finland without additional requirements and to apply for citizenship 24 months after moving. The immigrant is not exempt from fulfilling the accompanying conditions of naturalization, including financial security.

Citizens of the European Union also have the right to move to Finland and obtain resident status without looking for a reason to apply for it. The owner of a passport of an EU country has the same rights in the republic as its indigenous inhabitants, from employment to social security. You can analyze your chances of simplified citizenship of the European Union with the help of dedicated lawyers.

List of required documents

The basic list of documents for obtaining Finnish citizenship:

  • Identity card (passport);
  • Proof of financial security;
  • Language certificate;
  • Certificate of non-criminal record from the applicant's home country;
  • Receipt for payment of the state fee;
  • Application form, completed and signed in person;
  • Civil status certificates, if applicable.

Documents issued abroad must be officially translated into Finnish and notarized, with an apostille legalization if necessary.


The Finnish Migration Service is responsible for applying for citizenship in Finland. A foreigner can apply in person or electronically via the official website of Enter Finland. Online application is available for those who are applying for citizenship only for themselves, not including children in the application. The applicant uploads (or personally brings to the migration office) the documents, pays the administrative fee, and waits for the decision.

Obtaining a status of Finnish citizen

The step-by-step process of obtaining Finnish citizenship is as follows:

  1. Opening a visa and residence permit.

The foreigner selects the grounds and requests a residence permit at the Finnish consulate or embassy in his home country. If the request is approved, the immigrant is issued an entry visa.

  1. Moving and obtaining a residence card.

With a long-term visa, the applicant moves to Finland, where he or she applies for a residence permit card at the Migration Service office.

  1. Renewal of the residence permit and obtaining a permanent residence.

Often, the Finnish residence permit is issued for a year and re-issued at the migration service, and after 4 years the applicant applies for permanent resident status there.

  1. Residency with permanent residence and request for citizenship.

After meeting the residency requirement and if the other conditions for naturalization are met, the applicant applies online or in person to the Migration Service, where he or she undergoes the established procedures.

  1. Obtaining citizenship status and processing documents.

After examining the application, the foreigner is sent a written decision by post, the address of which is indicated in the application. A Finnish citizen has the right to issue local documents (passports, civil status certificates).

Refusal in citizenship obtainment

Most often, immigrants are denied approval of their application for Finnish citizenship for the following reasons:

  • inconsistency of the information and activities provided;
  • concealment or unreliability of important background details;
  • providing an incomplete or incorrectly compiled dossier;
  • presenting a threat to security or public order;
  • having a history of serious crimes;
  • suspicion of bad faith in the applicant's intentions (obtaining a passport not for residence in the country, but for social benefits).

In order not to be rejected, a foreigner should consult with migration specialists. Specialized lawyers help to compile the dossier correctly and fill in the citizenship application. Also, an immigrant should not conceal any facts about his or her background or act against the interests of Finland.

A Finnish citizen passport

A Finnish citizen ID card is used as a Finnish internal passport. The document is a plastic ID card with biometric data and a photo of the owner. The validity of the card is 5 years. The internal passport is used to confirm identity on the territory of the Republic, other EU and Schengen countries, as well as throughout Scandinavia.

To travel without a visa in 176 countries of the world, a foreigner draws up a Finnish passport. This is a document of a single EU sample, in the form of a book with a burgundy cover, the first plastic page with an electronic chip and the rest paper - for visa marks. The chip encrypts the biometric and personal data of the holder. The passport is valid for 5 years.

Finnish passport application procedure

A foreigner can apply for a Finnish passport at the nearest police station. The document is issued on the basis of data from the Population Information System (VTJ). The applicant will need to have a citizenship certificate and a travel passport. Step by step the procedure is as follows:

  1. Taking a photo in specialized point.
  2. Filing an application at the police station.
  3. Payment of the state fee.
  4. Passing the procedure od dactyloscopy.
  5. Receiving the ready-made document.

It is faster and easier to obtain an EU passport in other countries, such as Romania, Slovenia, Bulgaria. EU citizens are equal among themselves in the right to choose any territory of the agreement as a place of permanent residence, so a foreigner can legally immigrate to Finland for permanent residence with a new document. You can get detailed information at a free consultation with dedicated lawyers.

Second Finnish citizenship

In 2024, Finland does not restrict its residents from acquiring foreign citizenship (one or more) and vice versa. Foreigners have the opportunity to acquire a passport of the Republic and keep a similar document in their home country. There are no treaties on mutual recognition of dual citizenship between Finland and other countries. For each country, the applicant is considered a local citizen, with access to the relevant rights and privileges, including diplomatic protection and social support.

Assistance in registration

To successfully obtain citizenship of an EU country, you can use the help of international law specialists. Dedicated lawyers provide comprehensive support at every stage of immigration:

  1. Studying the applicant's individual request and analyzing his/her family history.
  2. Selection of the best personalized immigration programs and drawing up an official cooperation agreement.
  3. Formation of the required dossier, including the search for missing documents in archives and state authorities.
  4. Registration for admission to the migration authorities and preparation of the foreigner for communication with the authorities.
  5. Submission of citizenship documents to the migration authorities by the applicant's power of attorney.
  6. Tracking the progress of the application and informing the applicant of status changes until approval.
  7. Preparing and accompanying to attend the EU citizenship ceremony or interview.
  8. Registration of internal documents of the EU country - ID-card of the citizen, travel passport, civil status certificates.

Step-by-step support of professionals in the field of jurisprudence is a guarantee of obtainment of the second passport of the EU country without unnecessary costs and in a short period of time.

Feedback on obtaining a Finnish passport

In the reviews of immigrants who have obtained a second citizenship, the importance of contacting specialized lawyers is noted. The procedure of registration is fraught with difficulties, the main of which is the search for the required documents for participation in the simplified immigration program. Requests of individuals to archival institutions usually do not give quick results, so the assistance of lawyers allows you to achieve the desired in a short time.

Also, foreigners report the need to carefully prepare for communication with representatives of the authorities to know how to properly answer the questions posed. Do not make mistakes in the process of immigration helps preliminary consultation of specialists. With the right approach and professional support, the procedure of obtaining a second citizenship does not require special costs and efforts.

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